Q%A Introduction.

Q%A Introduction.

Hello everyone Shawn/TheCodeTrigger and welcome to my first anime Q/A blog intro.

I will be doing a anime Q&A post before or after my next anime which is a secret but I can give you a hint. It’s a anime from studio Gainax..


Feel free to ask me anything about anime, video games, movies, etc.

Also don’t ask me questions that are too personal ^_^


Each person is allowed to ask me up to 3 questions and also if I get too many questions my Q&A post will be spit into two parts but may be release part 2 at a different date..

So with all that said free to post your questions on my MAL comment selection, my Facebook post or going into my WordPress to post your questions there.

This has been Shawn/TheCodeTrigger signing out.