Final thoughts on Shaman King (Re-watch).

Final thoughts on Shaman King (Re-watch).


If you guys didn’t know Shaman King was one of my first animes that I completed back when I was a little kid.  I praise the living shit of that show because at the time I thought it had great/ likeable characters, and great well told story. For a longest time Shaman King was favourite animes of all time. Also Shaman King was one of those anime that made me love the anime medium along with Cowboy Bebop, Cardcaptor Sakura, Slayers, Code Geass and Fullmetal Alchemist 2003.

So instead of doing a review of Shaman King I am going to point out things that I like or dislike about shaman king and I will also give my final verdict of the show.

BTW I will be doing a Shaman King review in the future.

Also I wont be comparing ro the manga of Shaman King because I havent read it yet but am planning to read it someday.

Things that I liked.


Asakura Yoh.

In my opinion Yoh is easily one of my favourite anime characters period. I really adored his character. I really liked how the show manages to explore this character and he’s ideals from start to finish. I also really liked he’s personally because he’s a funny character and at the same time he is a great and strong character

Not to mention I really adored his design because he reminded of me during the early days of my life where I use to carry a wooden handmade sword while wearing black top along with a black shorts LEL.

I know he’s no Edward or Killua in the terms of character development but compare to most shouen leads nowadays where they just generic tropes Yoh is a very fun and well-developed male lead.

Other characters.

I personally really enjoyed the rest of the character because not only most of them are flawed characters the own right but they way they developed the characters very well to make them likeable and relatable. Notable characters include Anna, Tao, Umemiya, Horohoro and even Hao despite being the main villain for the series.

World building.

I personally adored the world building of Shaman King. I really like how the show likes to do a bunch of exception of stuff like weapons, clans, shaman creatures, tournament rules, human world, objects and the list can go on. They also did a great job of giving cities and location names because very recent memory we had shows like Akame ga Kill where that show literally did not give a name for Tatsumi hometown and to add more insult that show literally called the main town of akame ga kill the empire… Thank god Shaman King didn’t fall in the traps of Akame Ga Kill.

Themes: If you may notice Shaman King has some great themes like finding your self, friendship,  going for glory, trying to apecting fate and so one. Lucky Shaman King manages to deliver those themes almost flawlessly because they are well planned out on paper and the writers manages to execute them almost flawlessly in my opition.

Things that I didn’t like.


Well for starters the animation wasnt that great sure it had its 5/5 star moments but sometimes characters barely move when they are fighting. Also the before the last couple of episodes the budget for shaman king was clearly running out because for two episodes half of the fights were still frames. Yes the fight with Hao and Yoh and the rest of Yoh friends were well animated and its was epic finale by itself but in order to get the final fight you had to watch a couple of still framed type fights. They are not World Trigger level of bad but it was still kinda annoying.

Lyserg Diethel Now out of all the things that I didn’t like about Shaman King this one bothers me the least because while I liked him in the beginning but once he joined a certain group he became really edgy and when I mean edgy I mean really edgy. He literally changed from a nice and likeable kid into an unlikable edgy prick. Now I will admit he became kinda likeable in the finale but seeing him doing edgy and pretentious shit in the second half was unpleasing to say to least. Also unpopular opinion I personally this character because I actually fell sorry for him at some bits of the story.

Overall Lyserg is the most polarizing character in this show.

Pacing in the second half.

While I praise the pacing of Shaman King for the most part I feel the pacing some episodes of the second half were kinda bad because not only dragged the series down but I feel some of the fight match didn’t make sence at all in my opinion and they just there for time waster.

Oyamada Manta.

In my opinion I don’t consider Manta to be a character because most of the time he is a plot device just to boost Yoh up and he was mostly a throwaway character.

Yes I know Manta did get some development in the finale but is it worth waiting for 61/62 episodes just to get this character get any kind of chararter development. Yeah I don’t think so…

Final thoughts.


Overall despite its flaws I still really Shaman King and I think it holds ups really well in my opinion for the most part. Yes Shaman King is no Hunter x Hunter, Jojo or FMA but I will still think a good shouen series that you should check out because the show has great characterization and a interesting story and good world building and themes.

Enjoyment wise I give Shaman King a 9/10 while overall quailty I give it a low 8 or a high 7 and I combind those sorcs togher Shaman King will get a overall score of 8.5/10.

Is Shaman King still a favorite of mine? Yes but its low favorite of mine.

What are your thoughts on Shaman King anime?

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