Anime Review 1.9 Trigun. (Delayed up to now)

Anime Review 1.9 Trigun. (Delayed up to now)

Hello everyone this are Shawn aka TheKazeTrigger and welcome too my final review of the month MVM entertainment
For this one we are taking a look one of the classic 90s animes Trigun.
Now before I start this review am going too say I wasn’t a fan of Trigun during my childhood days in fact I kinda hated it too be honest. While I like some things of Trigun I didn’t like like the tone shifts and I didn’t some of characters. Now I recently finished re-watching Trigun on DVD and well.
Do I now think Trigun are a great classic show that I underestimated back then or do I still think Trigun are a an another 90s shows that only got its love because of nostalgia reasons instead of being a good show? Well let’s find out.


The story of Trigun follows Vash the Steampede whom are a wanted criminal with a sixty billion double dollar bounty on his head. The reason are that he’s a deadly villain whom lays wastes too that those that appose him and destroying cites just for fun that earns him the title the humanoid typhoon. He leaves a trail of death and despair wherever he goes.
Due too Vash’s destruction the Bernardelli Insurance Society tasks Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson too find the Vash the Steampede in order too evaluate insurance claims and attempt too minimise the damage of that set city.

Now the story of Trigun are complex at times. While the story was very silly, goofy and cheesy in the first half of the show but once you the show transactions too the second left by introducing certain elements in the show. The show becomes rather dark and it can go into really dark territory at times. Also, this show has some tone changes. However, unlike other animes such as Shigatsu and Akame ga Kill where they have problems at tone changing. I think this one fits because you can tell they could juggle both ones and they work both ways in both series. So, I think Trigun doesn’t fall in the same traps of other anime of its kind. Also, yes I know this show has a few unanswered questions and theyre are one or two plotholes but overall in the long running schemes of things. Unless you want too read the source material of this you don’t need those answers. The show are trying too portray the story that it wants too and it does it almost flawlessly.110


The characters of Trigun are really good in my opinion.
Am just going too say this right now Vash The Steampede are one of my favorite anime protagonist in any anime. He can be really funny at times with his humour but the same time he can be a utter badass. Not too mention his characterization are just wonderful seeing him transform from a friendly joker too a very deadly killer whom has a bunch of emotional problems.
Overall Vash The Steampede are a great and lovable character.
Next up we have the insurance girls Miley and Meryl.
I really like this two because I feel they are very genuine with the emotions and also they honestly a great duo and great comic relief characters.
Lastly we a character that not interlude until episode 8 Wolfwood whom are a priest with a very good of fire arms and very much a boil too Vash.
While Vash are one of my favourite anime protagonists Wolfwood are one of my favourite anime characters’ period and too be honest he made Trigun a much better experience especially on my re-watch of the series. Not too mention I really adore his personally and motivations in general.
Overall I really adore Wolfwood
The rest of the beyond those four are really good and they made the world harsh but understandably harsh too some degree. You can believe some of the stuff that people do despicable or kinda as they are and you will defiantly feel for them and in the current mindset.
Overall the characters in Trigun are really great.
Unfortunately, the visuals of Trigun are not that great at all.
If you compare shows like Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, Slayers, Nadesico and Fushigi Yuugi Trigun didn’t aged as well.
Theyre are some spotty scenes that you can tell the budget was probably running out. Not too mention Trigun re-used animation at times. It’s not as bad as something as Sailor Moon or Gundam Wing but still kinda of an issue even for its time.
It didn’t bother me too, much but I know it can bother some viewers especially the younger ones so I just thought I would mention it and it was one big flaw that I have with Trigun in general
Overall the visuals were kinda lacking



Am going too be real honest I wasn’t a fan of Trigun soundtrack. While the soundtrack of Trigun was good on its own and it fits the western theme of the show I just don’t find the soundtrack of Trigun too be impactful compare too other anime from the 90s.
Don’t get me wrong the soundtrack for Trigun are good but for me I won’t be listening all the time.
The opening theme are a good listen as it hypes up the episode and while the ending theme of Trigun are mediocre and kinda forgettable and not too mentions its really out of place.
Now for Dub or Sub.
The dub for the show are top notch for the most part. While voice actors for the main characters were great some of the side characters were kinda stiff in my opinion.
Also, the dub can be a bit cheesy at times especially the first half.
Overall Trigun has a good dub but it’s not as impactful as the dubs for Cowboy Bebop and Slayers in my opinion.
Final Thoughts.

Trigun are a great show. While I may prefer Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star this series is over the top fun and emotional gripping.
It has a great story that are well told, great and loveable characters, decent visuals along with a soundtrack that I was not a fan off but still was pretty good for what it are.
I use too hate this show when I was younger but now I can say are I adored this show and now it become a favourite of mine. Like they say all re-watches are powerful.
I give Trigun a 8/10

Anime recommendations
Cowboy Bebop
Outlaw Star
Gun x Sword
Rurouni Kenshin
Black Cat
Gun x Sword
Anyway, this was Shawn aka TheKazeTrigger and I will see you guys next time.

My next anime review will be a hyperactive and emotional one.


Anime Review 2.0 Kodomo no Omocha (TV). Kodocha. Child’s Toy. (Most underrated romcom anime?)

FeaturedAnime Review 2.0 Kodomo no Omocha (TV). Kodocha. Child’s Toy. (Most underrated romcom anime?)

Ever wanted a great romcom series, a romcom series that don’t have an inferior second half, a romcom series that a good ending, a romcom series that has amazing character development and theme exploration well you came to the right place because Kodomo no Omocha is not only one of the best romcom shoujo series I have ever seen but this series contains everything that I love about romcom anime

Hello everyone this is Shawn aka TheKazeTrigger and welcome to my review of Kodomo no Omocha and with that out-of-the-way let’s begin.



The story of Kodocha no Omocha centers around Sana Kurata who is a star of a popular TV show called child’s toy while being in 5th grade. One originally day at school as she goes into class the boys in her class are rising hell. They ringleader of the group Akio has counted they teacher into silence in some sort of blackmail. So, the boys are free to reach havoc as they please. Very determined to lead a normal school life Sana targets the ring leader Akio with all of her energy and.

Now what do I think of the story of Kodocha. The story of Kodocha is executed perfectly. The story starts off as a very simple boy’s vs girl’s rivalry but as the series progresses it story become surprisingly complex and it becomes a great coming of age story.

One thing that I really like about Kodocha is ability to synergies its comedy and romance elements. You see most anime romcoms that I personally seen don’t synergies its comedy and romance elements correctly because shows like Nisekoi and Golden Time don’t have any substance on the romcom elements and instead those shows fall at writing and character building.

Kodocha doesn’t suffer from any those problems because the show knows how to use each genre element in an appropriate manner. Speaking of the comedy the comedy in Kodocha is just amazing because not only there are funny and original but execution and the timing for the jokes are flawless. Kodocha might be one of the funniest anime I have ever.

The pacing of Kodocha is great for the most part. It knows hows to pace itself from certain arcs and scenes and to be honest you will never get bored when watching this show.

 If I have any complaints for the pacing I would say the one of the arcs in the second half of the show was kinda draggy. I personally liked that arc in the term of character development of a certain character and heavy theme but some of the content that happens in that arc drags on way too long for its own good. If you guys want to know what arc am talking about it’s the New York arc of season 2 and this was the weakest arc in the terms of pacing, length and at times content of not being that great

Surprisingly Kodocha explores really hard-hitting themes and topics as child abuse, divorced parents, teenage pregnancy, homelessness, and adoption and those themes are explored in a very mature way to the point there the viewer can sympathize with the characters. Also, when those themes are explored the show goes into a different tone that is suitable for those themes and this show knows to use its tone correctly.]


Story wise Kodocha is almost flawless.

Kodocha is an anime that will make you laugh, cry, happy and it will keep you edge to your seats from to finish with great plot twist, great and interesting arcs and good pacing

Overall the story of Kodocha is wonderful and its one of the best coming of age stories I have ever seen.




Like with the story the characters of Kodocha are really great. Even better than the story at times.


Sana Kurata is an 11-year-old cute redheaded TV film star girl with an uncontrollably hyper and active personality.

Sana is just an amazing character. She starts off a simply uncontrollably hyper character with a lot of passion but as the series progresses she becomes an amazing multi-dimensional character with lots of emotion and depth. Sana is a perfect example of flawed charterer. She’s a character is who is not used to emotions and tragic and every time when facing reality of life, she will just sing a song so she can keep her positive outlook on life and upbeat attitude in intact. This obviously later on back fires on her because people will eventually exploit her flaw and Sana eventually has to face reality.

This is why I love Sana much because is a very well written female lead that has substance and overall she is very enjoyable to watch.

Overall Sana Kurata is an amazing character and she became one of my favourite female characters of all time.


Next up we have Akio. I personally really like this character Like Sana he is a multi-dimensional character who is realistically flawed in his own right. Not to mention I really adored his character development from start to finish. I honestly wish I can talk more about Akio but if I did it will be lead to heavy spoilers and to be honest with you all this is one of those anime you don’t want spoiled

The rest of the characters are also really great and well fleshed out.

We got the level-headed Tsuyoushi, the highly energetic Fuka, the charming, Naozumi the bizarre Misako to the loyal Rei.

This character cast is now personally my favorite anime cast in a romcom anime. There are all really fun and likeable to watch and seeing them grow as people, interact with each other and dealing with romance issues is just great.

The only character I wasn’t a fan is Babbit. I will admit Babbitt is funny mascot character but sometimes he breaks the forth wall a bit too much for my liking.

Besides that, very minor nitpick Overall I really adore this character cast and it now one of my favorite cast in any anime.




Visually of Kodomo no Omocha has surprisingly has aged well. Studio Gallop really did a great job on the charterers designs, character moment, and the backgrounds. It totally has aged well and for a 1023-episode series that is really impressive. One of the best-looking anime from the 90s in my opinion.

Oh, yeah I have no complaints with the visuals.





Like with the visuals the soundtrack is honestly great and well executed because for some reason there wasn’t a dull track whatsoever and all of the tracks fit the tone of the series perfectly. My favorite track from this Always be with you because I feel its adds the emotion and impact of the certain scenes. One of the best inserts songs I ever heard in my opinion

Both openings of Kodocha are really good catchy and they really fit the mood and the tone of the show. I personally prefer opening 2 over opening 1.

The ending themes on the other hand are kinda of a mix bag. The first ending theme is very good and it gives that satisfied feel you finish a Kodocha episode. Not to mention it’s very catchy to the eye.

The second ending on the other hand is honestly dull as hell and in my opinion it kinda feels out-of-place. I honestly wished they keep using the first ending theme.

Now for dub or sub.


Both are honestly amazing. All of the actors in both dub and sub really did a great performance in the they roles.

If i have to say what version is better. I would say the sub is better because one the voice quality is great and I really adored Shizue Oda as Sana more than Laura Bailey as Sana. Not to mention the dub cuts off after episode 51.

Overall the soundtrack is great, the openings were nice the ending themes were fine and both sub and dub are really good.


Final Thoughts.


I really adored this anime.

It has everything that I love about romcom. The story is amazing, has great pacing, wonderful theme exploration and its handled in the very mature way. great and well-developed character that is relatable to the viewer. Visuals that have aged well, a great soundtrack besides the second ending theme and great performances for both language.

I hardly have anything bad to say about Kodocha to be honest besides from the minor nitpick that I have with the character mascot called babbitt and the New York arc being kinda weak in the terms of pacing and length. Even tho I personally enjoyed that arc in the terms of theme exploration and character development

Kodocha no Omocha is a romcom anime done right and it’s easily one of the best romcom anime I have ever seen period.

If you want to a good romcom series with amazing characterisation, well done romance and great theme exploration that is handled maturely.  Go watch Kodocha. You won’t regret it.


I give Kodocha No Omocha a 9/10. (Romcom anime done right)

Sadly, Kodocha hasn’t been licensed in the UK by any UK dvd studio but it was once available by Funmation in USA before going out of print.

I hope Kodocha gets re-licensed someday

Anime recommendations.

Marmalade Boy


Kare Kano

Gakuen Alice

Excel Saga

Lovely Complex

Full Moon Wo Satagshite

Kaleido Star

Anyway, this was Shawn aka TheKazeTrigger and I will see you guys next time.


God I love these two so much :))))

One of the best couples I have ever seen.


Top 15 favorite anime from 2016.

Top 15 favorite anime from 2016.

Hello everyone this is Shawn aka TheKazeTrigger and welcome to my next anime countdown.

For this list we are taking a look at animes that I personally like and adored from 2016.

Before I get started with this list I have to say a few things. 2016 was a kinda of a decent year for anime because while we got some good to great shows we really got some disappointing to terrible series to boot. We will get to those lists later. Also I like to say 2016 is a big improvement over 2015 because in my opinion 2015 was a bad year for animes. Cough Charlotte, Seraph Of The End, Ranpo Kitan, Gangsta, Tokyo Ghoul Root A and a few other stinkers  that I wont mention. Lastly this list is 100% my opition so if you guys have an issue with my list please feel free to leave a comment below.

With that all said please enjoy this countdown.


15. This Art Club Has a Problem!


14 91 Days.


13 My Hero Academia Season 1.


12 March Comes In Like A Lion.


11 Aijn Both Seasons.


10 Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge.


9 Mob Psycho.


8 Bungou Stray Dogs Both Seasons.


7 KonoSuba.


6 Iron Blood Orphans Both Seasons.


5 Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu.


4 Shokugeki No Souma 2nd Season.


3 Assassination Classroom 2nd Season.


2. Jojo Bizzare Adventure Diamond is Unbreakable. 


1 Haikyuu Third Season.


Thanks for viewing this countdown.

I hope you guys enjoyed it and have a nice day.

What were your favorite animes from 2016?



Anime Review 1.8 Bakemonogatari. (Fan-Service Done Right?)

Anime Review 1.8 Bakemonogatari. (Fan-Service Done Right?)

Hello everyone this is Shawn aka TheKazeTrigger and welcome to my month of MVM Entertainment reviews. For this one we are taking a look at the first enter of the Monogatari Series Bakemonogatari.

Now I for the longest time I was never a huge fan of Monogatari series because while I kinda liked the series the first time when I watched it back in 2015 I thought it was just an another waifu pandering show that have nothing but flashy visuals and fan-service. Also, I wasn’t a fan of heavy dialogue shows at the time.

In short I thought this series was kinda overrated.

However, this all changed when I decided to randomly buy Bakemonogatari on DVD for £15 brand new in that comic con anime shop and when I got home I decided to watch it again on my TV and well. Did I like I like the series and saw the other side of Bakemonogatari series or do I still think Bakemonogatari is just an overhyped series that not that good?

Well let’s find out.



The story of Bakemonogatari follows  Koyomi Araragi meeting Senjougahara our female lead by catching her as she fall down a giant spiral staircase. What surprises Araragi as he catches her is her weight because she is light as a feather. This is due to a type of spirt that is taking her weight. Lucky Araragi knows someone that can help Meme Oshino, Oshino previously helped Aragai with his own problem which resulted Araragi to become part vampire so he obviously takes Senjougahara to Oshino for help.

From here and out its pretty much the same plot being recycled but the only difference to this are the different girls that he meets that have this spirit problem.

That’s about it for the story of Bakemonogatari and despite this the story of Bakemonogatari still remains fresh by containing wood humour at you giving us very interesting supernatural elements and switching up which girl get the focus.

Now for the most part Bakemonogatari is an episodic show typically 2 or 3 episodes that are given for each mini arc rather than only one.

Personally, am not a fan of episodic things because usually the show ends up being rushed. This is why I wasn’t a fan of episodic shows like Death Parade. It has a lots of interesting themes and conspectus but only had time to induce them before the episode was over. Shows like Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star are good at telling episodic episodes because not only there are well paced but they introduce its themes at the right time without being rushed.

Lucky Bakemonogatari doesn’t suffer from this because each episode/ arc are very well written to the point where you actually care for the story progression and character development.

What really makes Bakemonogatari special is the use of heavy of dialogue and let me tell you it has some of the best heavy dialogue I have ever seen in anime.

Not only there are extremely well written but it always has that meaningful edge throughout. Whether it’s to make a joke, reveal character depth, character development for that set arc or to advance the plot ever conversation has a purpose.  With all that said it’s impossible to translate the whole Monogatari series in English without screwing the dialogue up. This is part of the reason why the series hasn’t got a dub yet.

Overall the story of Bakemonogatari is just great.




Bakemonogatari is a very character driven series meaning the character have to be good or else the show would have flop.

Lucky Bakemonogatari features a great cast that is different, relatable and original.

All of the characters start off with generic tropes meaning you will have your everyday harem male lead Aragami,  Senjougahara a cool tsundere, Mayoi who is a bratty loli , Nadoeko who is a innocent moto type, Suruga who is a energetic athlete  and Tsubasa who is a perfection  But as each main girl’s arc developed the restraints for those types break apart. Treating us to meaningful exploration of the defence mechanism people used themselves from the harsh reality from outside the world or in the own minds.

This may sound like edgy writing and character development on paper but it isn’t because the execution is just wonderful.

All of the girls are flawed in they own ways and also just seeing how these characters break apart from they generic tropes is just amazing and very rewarding for the audience.

I wish I can tell you more about the characters in Bakemonogatari but I won’t because I would have to spoil every arc and its themes and to be real honest you don’t want to get spoiled while watching this series.

Overall the characters of Bakemonogatari are just amazing and well fleshed out.



Visually Bakemonogatari is beautiful every scene from Bakemongatari is filled with life. From the action scenes to very experimental animation Bakemonogatari has it all and.

The fan-service of Bakemonogatari is handed well because unlike any other ecchi anime out there Bakemonogatari uses fan service to advance the plot or reveal character modulations. Not to mention the symbolism is just beautiful here that also has meaning and substance to them.

This is fan-service done right


One more thing that I want to mention each girl and each arc have they own opening that is sung by the Japanese voice actors and each opening reflects a certain theme and aspect of the girl. I personally that that approached to very unique because it gives each girl and they arc meaning.

Overall the visuals are just wonderful to watch and very appealing to the eye.




The sound production for Bakemonogatari is just a masterpiece and it really made the show more a relaxing experience while you hear lots of dialogue of character taking. Not to mention the sound quality of Bakemonogatari is very clean and realistic making each scene from the sound effects and background music have a greater impact.

Now as a guy who watches dubs am glad that this haven’t receive the dub because it will look and sound terrible. The dub of Bakemonogatari will suffer for having horrendous mistranslations with the dialogue the story nature with be butchered and the character personalities will also be butchered. Am saying this because the original japanese audio for Bakemonogatari is just flawless and having a dub for it will ruin the fame of the series.

Overall the soundtrack and voice acting of Bakemonogatari is just amazing.


Final Thoughts.

Bakemonogatari is easily one of the best animes that I seen in modern anime. It’s a very unique experience that you can’t get in any other medium. While the story arcs were great for what it was the character really driven the story along thanks to its well written narrative structure and great use of heavy dialogue.

The visuals were extremely artistic that has a purpose and the soundtrack was just amazing and well used.

Lastly all of the girls in Bakemonogatari avoided waifu pandering route where all the girls are only there for style over substance where shows like Niseoki where that show didn’t know how to use female characters correctly and instead that show became waifu pandering show with no soul or identity.

I use to find this series to be kinda overrated after my first watch but after my re-watch of Bakemonogatari this series this show immediately became a favourite of mine and it’s my second favorite Monogatari series only losing to Monogatari series second season.


I give Bakemonogatari a 9.5/10

Bakemonogatari is available from MVM Entertainment in the UK on DVD and Blu Ray.

Anime Recommendations



Mawaru Penguindrum

The Tatami Galaxy



Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Anyway this was Shawn aka TheKazeTrigger and I will see you guys next time.

Now please enjoy a few Senjougahara aka best girl images and gifs.

Anime Review 1.7 Shinsekai Yori/ From The New World. (Masterpiece of world-building?)

Anime Review 1.7 Shinsekai Yori/ From The New World. (Masterpiece of world-building?)

Hello everyone this is Shawn aka TheKazeTrigger and welcome to my next MVM Entertainment review.

For this one we are taking a look at Shineseki Yori/ From the New World.

With that out the way let us begin.



The story of Shineskai Yori is set in a version of japan around the thousand years in the future. Overtime humans have evolved and now they contained the power of some form of telekinesis.  The people are living there peacefully in their utopia society. There using humanoid brad known as muster rats to do they labor for them.

Shineseki Yori inderdous five children Maria Mamarou, Saki, Shun and Satrou they befall them as they grow up discovering more and more about their seemingly perfect society and learning more about themselves in the process.

I can’t say anything more about the story because it will give away major spoilers because this is one of those animes that you don’t want to be spoiled at any cost. That is because Shineseki Yori is a masterpiece at foreshadowing.

Now before I dive into the characters of Shinsekai Yori am going to address the world building.

You see world building is very important in fictional because not only it makes the live of the characters feel alive and interesting but it makes your world have a theme and purpose of existing.

In anime form there should be least decent to great world building in anime genres such as fantasy, steampunk, mecha, history, game, adventure, senien, shouens, post-apocalyptic and action.

How does this relate to Shinsekai Yori?

Shinsekai Yori has the best world building I have seen in anime fiction.

Not only the world is very well explored from the monster races, showing the atmosphere of each location in perfect detail how the games works when using the power telekinesis, but even minor things such a fallen leafs, objects and scenery have a purpose and theme that makes the world of Shinsekai yori believable.

Everything you see in Shinsekai Yori has a purpose and a theme behind it.

One of more thing that I want to mention in the story and world-building part of Shinsekai yori is episode 4 for Shinsekai Yori because not only it has great use of heavy dialogue but it combines the world building and heavy dialogue together in a visual format meaning you will see the world being explored visually while the heavy dialogue is explaining the world in great detail. You may not understand everything the first time but after you watch the same episode two to three times you will finally understand it.

Overall the story of Shinsekai Yori is such a masterpiece in the terms of its content, foreshadowing and world-building




If you guys don’t know I prefer a character driven narrative over a story because how can your story function without good or decent character. Unfortunately, Shinsekai Yori main characters are kinda of a mix bag.

First up we have Saki who is our main female lead in this entire story. She’s one of the better characters in the story and she has great character development not to mention a well written one

Next up is Satrou who is my favorite character in Shinsekai Yori.

Am not going to spoiler progression for this characters but seeing how he changes as he grows older is very interesting to watch. He starts off as your everyday joker that likes to mess around with people than greatly evolves into someone who takes his morals and opinions seriously as he becomes an adult.

Overall I really liked his character growth in the series that makes him my favourite character in the series.

Next we have Shun.

In my opinion he was one of the weaker characters in the show because he was kinda underdeveloped. I will admit he has a great role in the story which I won’t spoil and has decent enough character development. But the end of the day he was still kinda of an underdeveloped character despite him being a likeable character on screen.

Next up is Maria.

Am personally mixed with her because while she is a very important in the story but her characterization was rather weak at some points but unlike our next character am going to mention she is a likeable and enjoyable character to watch on screen.

Lastly we have Mamoaru who is easily me least favourite character of Shinsekai Yori.

To be honest he was an annoying character in general. Like Shun he has an important role in the story but like with Saki he’s characterization was not that good. On top of that he’s whiny personalty really made this character annoying to watch.

Overall Mamoaru is an annoying character that I don’t like and he was the second weakest thing of Shinsekai Yori besides the visuals which I will get in to an it.

The side characters are fine for what they were but there was one standout character that I can’t talk about due to spoiler’s but all I can say he is a very interesting multi dimension villain that I ended up sympathising which is something a villain hasn’t been able to do in quite some time.

Overall while the characters of Shinsekai Yori are not worthless it was honestly hard to sympathies with few of the characters due to the bland and annoying personalities. Least the most characters of Shinsekai Yori were likeable and enjoyable to some degree.





Ah Shinsekai Yori why do you have inconstant visuals. Done by A1 Pictures the same studio that gave Fairy Tail, Black Butler, Erased, Shigatsu and Sword Art Online and it’s really sad to say this but the visuals were poor. I may heavily dislike Sword Art Online for having terrible arcs, bad world building, awful characterization to the characters but something that I cannot delay that it was animated pretty well. In fact, the second half of SAO airing at the same as the first half of Shinsekai Yori and trust me it tells. Back to the visually the character designs have a lack of shadow and they look really flat. Also, the lack of coloring on the character designs made them look rather dull.

The background design look decent with some detail on the atmosphere but there nothing to write home about. The lighting for the most part is really good and it makes some scenes look great.  Episodes 5 and 10 in my opinion have some of the worst animation I have ever seen in modern anime period. The textures were weird the character designs were changed for the worst and the cinematography is just really bad. There were too many close-up shots to the point where you can’t even tell what is happening.

Overall the visuals were decent at best and terrible at worst. 6/10.



The soundtrack for Shinsekai Yori is great. I adore how it manages to make everything sound throw and ominous using a great variety of instruments that creepy child choir. Not to mention ever track from this show really fits the tone and world building that this show has to offer.

Surprisingly Shinsekai Yori doesn’t have an opening but it has two ending themes. The first ending theme it’s a really calm catchy piece that I adore not to mention the animation is beautiful. The second ending is fine and a good listen but the first ending theme is superior in every way.

Now for dub or sub and to be honest I found the dub for the decent. Sure, some of the voices were rather bland but for the most part they did a pretty decent job with the roles.

This is kinda surprising because most Sentai Flimworks dubs I seen are either mediocre or bad. There were a few exceptions every now and then but those chances are very slim.

In general, Shinsekai Yori has a decent dub but the sub is much better for this case.


Final Thoughts.


Despite me bring kinda harsh at points during the review I love this anime.

Yes, it has major flaws in the terms of characterization for some charters and the visuals not very inconstant. The story of Shinsekai Yori is just amazing that some of the best foreshadowing I have ever seen in anime and the world-building of Shinsekai Yori is just wonderful. Not to mention the soundtrack is amazing and well thought out.

Overall I really love this anime despite with flaws.


I give Shinsekai Yori/ From the New World a 9/10

My anime reccomdations

Kokono Connect

Dennco Coil


Psycho Pass


Kemono no Souja Erin

Top 10 anime that I been harsh to it but deserves a second chance from me.

Top 10 anime that I been harsh to it but deserves a second chance from me.

Hello everyone this is Shawn aka TheKazeTrigger and welcome to my next anime countdown.

For this countdown I will be showing you animes that I was not a fan of, heavy dislike it or downright hated it but I should I give a second chance in the future.

With that further a do let’s get on with this list.

10 Death Note Current rating 6/10

9 Hyouka current rating 6/10

8 Psycho Pass: current rating 5/10

7 Magi both seasons: current rating 4.5/10

6 Noragami Both Seasons: current rating 4/10

5 ef series: current rating 3.5/10

4 Rage of Bahamut Genesis: current rating 3/10

3 Death Parade: current rating 3/10

2 Ore Monogatari: current rating 2.5/10

1 You lie in April: current rating 2/10

Honorable Mention. 


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This is Shawn aka TheKazeTrigger and have a nice day 

Why I couldn’t finish Vampire Princess Miyu (TV) 

Why I couldn’t finish Vampire Princess Miyu (TV) 

​Hello everyone this is Shawn aka TheKazeTrigger and well am going to say this right now.

I wanted to review Vampire Princess Miyu for my MVM Entertainment Month but I won’t review it anymore because I personally found the show BORING!!!.

Seriously this is one of the most boring show I have ever seen in the long while.
Yes I been told that the first 10 episodes were episodic but man those episodes were just really boring and the characters were not even that intresting at all. 
What really kills this show for me was the dub and I got to say this. This is one of the worst I have ever heard. Seriously the audio quality in dub is terrible and the voice acting is really stiff.

I dropped the dub at episode 5 and desided to watch the next 2 episodes sub and to be real honest it’s not much better at all in fact I have to say the sub is only slightly better than the dub just because some characters sounded decent.
In the end of the day I decided to drop this show because it was just so boring.

I don’t think Vampire Princess Miyu is a bad series or anything but just didn’t like it and it’s wasn’t for me. 

The saddest part about this is I actually took screenshots and started writing a review for this.

Oh well can’t be helped now

Stay tuned for my Bakemonogatari review that is coming up soon.