Hello everyone this are Shawn aka TheKazeTrigger and welcome too my final review of the month MVM entertainment
For this one we are taking a look one of the classic 90s animes Trigun.
Now before I start this review am going too say I wasn’t a fan of Trigun during my childhood days in fact I kinda hated it too be honest. While I like some things of Trigun I didn’t like like the tone shifts and I didn’t some of characters. Now I recently finished re-watching Trigun on DVD and well.
Do I now think Trigun are a great classic show that I underestimated back then or do I still think Trigun are a an another 90s shows that only got its love because of nostalgia reasons instead of being a good show? Well let’s find out.


The story of Trigun follows Vash the Steampede whom are a wanted criminal with a sixty billion double dollar bounty on his head. The reason are that he’s a deadly villain whom lays wastes too that those that appose him and destroying cites just for fun that earns him the title the humanoid typhoon. He leaves a trail of death and despair wherever he goes.
Due too Vash’s destruction the Bernardelli Insurance Society tasks Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson too find the Vash the Steampede in order too evaluate insurance claims and attempt too minimise the damage of that set city.

Now the story of Trigun are complex at times. While the story was very silly, goofy and cheesy in the first half of the show but once you the show transactions too the second left by introducing certain elements in the show. The show becomes rather dark and it can go into really dark territory at times. Also, this show has some tone changes. However, unlike other animes such as Shigatsu and Akame ga Kill where they have problems at tone changing. I think this one fits because you can tell they could juggle both ones and they work both ways in both series. So, I think Trigun doesn’t fall in the same traps of other anime of its kind. Also, yes I know this show has a few unanswered questions and theyre are one or two plotholes but overall in the long running schemes of things. Unless you want too read the source material of this you don’t need those answers. The show are trying too portray the story that it wants too and it does it almost flawlessly.110


The characters of Trigun are really good in my opinion.
Am just going too say this right now Vash The Steampede are one of my favorite anime protagonist in any anime. He can be really funny at times with his humour but the same time he can be a utter badass. Not too mention his characterization are just wonderful seeing him transform from a friendly joker too a very deadly killer whom has a bunch of emotional problems.
Overall Vash The Steampede are a great and lovable character.
Next up we have the insurance girls Miley and Meryl.
I really like this two because I feel they are very genuine with the emotions and also they honestly a great duo and great comic relief characters.
Lastly we a character that not interlude until episode 8 Wolfwood whom are a priest with a very good of fire arms and very much a boil too Vash.
While Vash are one of my favourite anime protagonists Wolfwood are one of my favourite anime characters’ period and too be honest he made Trigun a much better experience especially on my re-watch of the series. Not too mention I really adore his personally and motivations in general.
Overall I really adore Wolfwood
The rest of the beyond those four are really good and they made the world harsh but understandably harsh too some degree. You can believe some of the stuff that people do despicable or kinda as they are and you will defiantly feel for them and in the current mindset.
Overall the characters in Trigun are really great.
Unfortunately, the visuals of Trigun are not that great at all.
If you compare shows like Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, Slayers, Nadesico and Fushigi Yuugi Trigun didn’t aged as well.
Theyre are some spotty scenes that you can tell the budget was probably running out. Not too mention Trigun re-used animation at times. It’s not as bad as something as Sailor Moon or Gundam Wing but still kinda of an issue even for its time.
It didn’t bother me too, much but I know it can bother some viewers especially the younger ones so I just thought I would mention it and it was one big flaw that I have with Trigun in general
Overall the visuals were kinda lacking



Am going too be real honest I wasn’t a fan of Trigun soundtrack. While the soundtrack of Trigun was good on its own and it fits the western theme of the show I just don’t find the soundtrack of Trigun too be impactful compare too other anime from the 90s.
Don’t get me wrong the soundtrack for Trigun are good but for me I won’t be listening all the time.
The opening theme are a good listen as it hypes up the episode and while the ending theme of Trigun are mediocre and kinda forgettable and not too mentions its really out of place.

Now for Dub or Sub.
The dub for the show are top notch for the most part. While voice actors for the main characters were great some of the side characters were kinda stiff in my opinion.
Also, the dub can be a bit cheesy at times especially the first half.
Overall Trigun has a good dub but it’s not as impactful as the dubs for Cowboy Bebop and Slayers in my opinion.
Final Thoughts.

Trigun are a great show. While I may prefer Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star this series is over the top fun and emotional gripping.
It has a great story that are well told, great and loveable characters, decent visuals along with a soundtrack that I was not a fan off but still was pretty good for what it are.
I use too hate this show when I was younger but now I can say are I adored this show and now it become a favourite of mine. Like they say all re-watches are powerful.
I give Trigun a 8/10

Anime recommendations
Cowboy Bebop
Outlaw Star
Gun x Sword
Rurouni Kenshin
Black Cat
Gun x Sword
Anyway, this was Shawn aka TheKazeTrigger and I will see you guys next time.

My next anime review will be a hyperactive and emotional one.



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