Ever wanted a great romcom series, a romcom series that don’t have an inferior second half, a romcom series that a good ending, a romcom series that has amazing character development and theme exploration well you came to the right place because Kodomo no Omocha is not only one of the best romcom shoujo series I have ever seen but this series contains everything that I love about romcom anime

Hello everyone this is Shawn aka TheKazeTrigger and welcome to my review of Kodomo no Omocha and with that out-of-the-way let’s begin.



The story of Kodocha no Omocha centers around Sana Kurata who is a star of a popular TV show called child’s toy while being in 5th grade. One originally day at school as she goes into class the boys in her class are rising hell. They ringleader of the group Akio has counted they teacher into silence in some sort of blackmail. So, the boys are free to reach havoc as they please. Very determined to lead a normal school life Sana targets the ring leader Akio with all of her energy and.

Now what do I think of the story of Kodocha. The story of Kodocha is executed perfectly. The story starts off as a very simple boy’s vs girl’s rivalry but as the series progresses it story become surprisingly complex and it becomes a great coming of age story.

One thing that I really like about Kodocha is ability to synergies its comedy and romance elements. You see most anime romcoms that I personally seen don’t synergies its comedy and romance elements correctly because shows like Nisekoi and Golden Time don’t have any substance on the romcom elements and instead those shows fall at writing and character building.

Kodocha doesn’t suffer from any those problems because the show knows how to use each genre element in an appropriate manner. Speaking of the comedy the comedy in Kodocha is just amazing because not only there are funny and original but execution and the timing for the jokes are flawless. Kodocha might be one of the funniest anime I have ever.

The pacing of Kodocha is great for the most part. It knows hows to pace itself from certain arcs and scenes and to be honest you will never get bored when watching this show.

 If I have any complaints for the pacing I would say the one of the arcs in the second half of the show was kinda draggy. I personally liked that arc in the term of character development of a certain character and heavy theme but some of the content that happens in that arc drags on way too long for its own good. If you guys want to know what arc am talking about it’s the New York arc of season 2 and this was the weakest arc in the terms of pacing, length and at times content of not being that great

Surprisingly Kodocha explores really hard-hitting themes and topics as child abuse, divorced parents, teenage pregnancy, homelessness, and adoption and those themes are explored in a very mature way to the point there the viewer can sympathize with the characters. Also, when those themes are explored the show goes into a different tone that is suitable for those themes and this show knows to use its tone correctly.]


Story wise Kodocha is almost flawless.

Kodocha is an anime that will make you laugh, cry, happy and it will keep you edge to your seats from to finish with great plot twist, great and interesting arcs and good pacing

Overall the story of Kodocha is wonderful and its one of the best coming of age stories I have ever seen.




Like with the story the characters of Kodocha are really great. Even better than the story at times.


Sana Kurata is an 11-year-old cute redheaded TV film star girl with an uncontrollably hyper and active personality.

Sana is just an amazing character. She starts off a simply uncontrollably hyper character with a lot of passion but as the series progresses she becomes an amazing multi-dimensional character with lots of emotion and depth. Sana is a perfect example of flawed charterer. She’s a character is who is not used to emotions and tragic and every time when facing reality of life, she will just sing a song so she can keep her positive outlook on life and upbeat attitude in intact. This obviously later on back fires on her because people will eventually exploit her flaw and Sana eventually has to face reality.

This is why I love Sana much because is a very well written female lead that has substance and overall she is very enjoyable to watch.

Overall Sana Kurata is an amazing character and she became one of my favourite female characters of all time.


Next up we have Akio. I personally really like this character Like Sana he is a multi-dimensional character who is realistically flawed in his own right. Not to mention I really adored his character development from start to finish. I honestly wish I can talk more about Akio but if I did it will be lead to heavy spoilers and to be honest with you all this is one of those anime you don’t want spoiled

The rest of the characters are also really great and well fleshed out.

We got the level-headed Tsuyoushi, the highly energetic Fuka, the charming, Naozumi the bizarre Misako to the loyal Rei.

This character cast is now personally my favorite anime cast in a romcom anime. There are all really fun and likeable to watch and seeing them grow as people, interact with each other and dealing with romance issues is just great.

The only character I wasn’t a fan is Babbit. I will admit Babbitt is funny mascot character but sometimes he breaks the forth wall a bit too much for my liking.

Besides that, very minor nitpick Overall I really adore this character cast and it now one of my favorite cast in any anime.




Visually of Kodomo no Omocha has surprisingly has aged well. Studio Gallop really did a great job on the charterers designs, character moment, and the backgrounds. It totally has aged well and for a 1023-episode series that is really impressive. One of the best-looking anime from the 90s in my opinion.

Oh, yeah I have no complaints with the visuals.





Like with the visuals the soundtrack is honestly great and well executed because for some reason there wasn’t a dull track whatsoever and all of the tracks fit the tone of the series perfectly. My favorite track from this Always be with you because I feel its adds the emotion and impact of the certain scenes. One of the best inserts songs I ever heard in my opinion

Both openings of Kodocha are really good catchy and they really fit the mood and the tone of the show. I personally prefer opening 2 over opening 1.

The ending themes on the other hand are kinda of a mix bag. The first ending theme is very good and it gives that satisfied feel you finish a Kodocha episode. Not to mention it’s very catchy to the eye.

The second ending on the other hand is honestly dull as hell and in my opinion it kinda feels out-of-place. I honestly wished they keep using the first ending theme.

Now for dub or sub.


Both are honestly amazing. All of the actors in both dub and sub really did a great performance in the they roles.

If i have to say what version is better. I would say the sub is better because one the voice quality is great and I really adored Shizue Oda as Sana more than Laura Bailey as Sana. Not to mention the dub cuts off after episode 51.

Overall the soundtrack is great, the openings were nice the ending themes were fine and both sub and dub are really good.


Final Thoughts.


I really adored this anime.

It has everything that I love about romcom. The story is amazing, has great pacing, wonderful theme exploration and its handled in the very mature way. great and well-developed character that is relatable to the viewer. Visuals that have aged well, a great soundtrack besides the second ending theme and great performances for both language.

I hardly have anything bad to say about Kodocha to be honest besides from the minor nitpick that I have with the character mascot called babbitt and the New York arc being kinda weak in the terms of pacing and length. Even tho I personally enjoyed that arc in the terms of theme exploration and character development

Kodocha no Omocha is a romcom anime done right and it’s easily one of the best romcom anime I have ever seen period.

If you want to a good romcom series with amazing characterisation, well done romance and great theme exploration that is handled maturely.  Go watch Kodocha. You won’t regret it.


I give Kodocha No Omocha a 9/10. (Romcom anime done right)

Sadly, Kodocha hasn’t been licensed in the UK by any UK dvd studio but it was once available by Funmation in USA before going out of print.

I hope Kodocha gets re-licensed someday

Anime recommendations.

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Kare Kano

Gakuen Alice

Excel Saga

Lovely Complex

Full Moon Wo Satagshite

Kaleido Star

Anyway, this was Shawn aka TheKazeTrigger and I will see you guys next time.


God I love these two so much :))))

One of the best couples I have ever seen.



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