Hello everyone this is Shawn aka TheKazeTrigger and welcome to my next MVM Entertainment review.

For this one we are taking a look at Shineseki Yori/ From the New World.

With that out the way let us begin.



The story of Shineskai Yori is set in a version of japan around the thousand years in the future. Overtime humans have evolved and now they contained the power of some form of telekinesis.  The people are living there peacefully in their utopia society. There using humanoid brad known as muster rats to do they labor for them.

Shineseki Yori inderdous five children Maria Mamarou, Saki, Shun and Satrou they befall them as they grow up discovering more and more about their seemingly perfect society and learning more about themselves in the process.

I can’t say anything more about the story because it will give away major spoilers because this is one of those animes that you don’t want to be spoiled at any cost. That is because Shineseki Yori is a masterpiece at foreshadowing.

Now before I dive into the characters of Shinsekai Yori am going to address the world building.

You see world building is very important in fictional because not only it makes the live of the characters feel alive and interesting but it makes your world have a theme and purpose of existing.

In anime form there should be least decent to great world building in anime genres such as fantasy, steampunk, mecha, history, game, adventure, senien, shouens, post-apocalyptic and action.

How does this relate to Shinsekai Yori?

Shinsekai Yori has the best world building I have seen in anime fiction.

Not only the world is very well explored from the monster races, showing the atmosphere of each location in perfect detail how the games works when using the power telekinesis, but even minor things such a fallen leafs, objects and scenery have a purpose and theme that makes the world of Shinsekai yori believable.

Everything you see in Shinsekai Yori has a purpose and a theme behind it.

One of more thing that I want to mention in the story and world-building part of Shinsekai yori is episode 4 for Shinsekai Yori because not only it has great use of heavy dialogue but it combines the world building and heavy dialogue together in a visual format meaning you will see the world being explored visually while the heavy dialogue is explaining the world in great detail. You may not understand everything the first time but after you watch the same episode two to three times you will finally understand it.

Overall the story of Shinsekai Yori is such a masterpiece in the terms of its content, foreshadowing and world-building




If you guys don’t know I prefer a character driven narrative over a story because how can your story function without good or decent character. Unfortunately, Shinsekai Yori main characters are kinda of a mix bag.

First up we have Saki who is our main female lead in this entire story. She’s one of the better characters in the story and she has great character development not to mention a well written one

Next up is Satrou who is my favorite character in Shinsekai Yori.

Am not going to spoiler progression for this characters but seeing how he changes as he grows older is very interesting to watch. He starts off as your everyday joker that likes to mess around with people than greatly evolves into someone who takes his morals and opinions seriously as he becomes an adult.

Overall I really liked his character growth in the series that makes him my favourite character in the series.

Next we have Shun.

In my opinion he was one of the weaker characters in the show because he was kinda underdeveloped. I will admit he has a great role in the story which I won’t spoil and has decent enough character development. But the end of the day he was still kinda of an underdeveloped character despite him being a likeable character on screen.

Next up is Maria.

Am personally mixed with her because while she is a very important in the story but her characterization was rather weak at some points but unlike our next character am going to mention she is a likeable and enjoyable character to watch on screen.

Lastly we have Mamoaru who is easily me least favourite character of Shinsekai Yori.

To be honest he was an annoying character in general. Like Shun he has an important role in the story but like with Saki he’s characterization was not that good. On top of that he’s whiny personalty really made this character annoying to watch.

Overall Mamoaru is an annoying character that I don’t like and he was the second weakest thing of Shinsekai Yori besides the visuals which I will get in to an it.

The side characters are fine for what they were but there was one standout character that I can’t talk about due to spoiler’s but all I can say he is a very interesting multi dimension villain that I ended up sympathising which is something a villain hasn’t been able to do in quite some time.

Overall while the characters of Shinsekai Yori are not worthless it was honestly hard to sympathies with few of the characters due to the bland and annoying personalities. Least the most characters of Shinsekai Yori were likeable and enjoyable to some degree.





Ah Shinsekai Yori why do you have inconstant visuals. Done by A1 Pictures the same studio that gave Fairy Tail, Black Butler, Erased, Shigatsu and Sword Art Online and it’s really sad to say this but the visuals were poor. I may heavily dislike Sword Art Online for having terrible arcs, bad world building, awful characterization to the characters but something that I cannot delay that it was animated pretty well. In fact, the second half of SAO airing at the same as the first half of Shinsekai Yori and trust me it tells. Back to the visually the character designs have a lack of shadow and they look really flat. Also, the lack of coloring on the character designs made them look rather dull.

The background design look decent with some detail on the atmosphere but there nothing to write home about. The lighting for the most part is really good and it makes some scenes look great.  Episodes 5 and 10 in my opinion have some of the worst animation I have ever seen in modern anime period. The textures were weird the character designs were changed for the worst and the cinematography is just really bad. There were too many close-up shots to the point where you can’t even tell what is happening.

Overall the visuals were decent at best and terrible at worst. 6/10.



The soundtrack for Shinsekai Yori is great. I adore how it manages to make everything sound throw and ominous using a great variety of instruments that creepy child choir. Not to mention ever track from this show really fits the tone and world building that this show has to offer.

Surprisingly Shinsekai Yori doesn’t have an opening but it has two ending themes. The first ending theme it’s a really calm catchy piece that I adore not to mention the animation is beautiful. The second ending is fine and a good listen but the first ending theme is superior in every way.

Now for dub or sub and to be honest I found the dub for the decent. Sure, some of the voices were rather bland but for the most part they did a pretty decent job with the roles.

This is kinda surprising because most Sentai Flimworks dubs I seen are either mediocre or bad. There were a few exceptions every now and then but those chances are very slim.

In general, Shinsekai Yori has a decent dub but the sub is much better for this case.


Final Thoughts.


Despite me bring kinda harsh at points during the review I love this anime.

Yes, it has major flaws in the terms of characterization for some charters and the visuals not very inconstant. The story of Shinsekai Yori is just amazing that some of the best foreshadowing I have ever seen in anime and the world-building of Shinsekai Yori is just wonderful. Not to mention the soundtrack is amazing and well thought out.

Overall I really love this anime despite with flaws.


I give Shinsekai Yori/ From the New World a 9/10

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