Hello everyone this is Shawn aka TheKazeTrigger and welcome to my next anime countdown.

For this countdown I will be showing you animes that I was not a fan of, heavy dislike it or downright hated it but I should I give a second chance in the future.

With that further a do let’s get on with this list.

10 Death Note Current rating 6/10

9 Hyouka current rating 6/10

8 Psycho Pass: current rating 5/10

7 Magi both seasons: current rating 4.5/10

6 Noragami Both Seasons: current rating 4/10

5 ef series: current rating 3.5/10

4 Rage of Bahamut Genesis: current rating 3/10

3 Death Parade: current rating 3/10

2 Ore Monogatari: current rating 2.5/10

1 You lie in April: current rating 2/10

Honorable Mention. 


Thank you for viewing my list.

If you want to my reasoning for why I don’t like these shows then please leave a comment below on my MAL page or in my WordPress comment selection.

This is Shawn aka TheKazeTrigger and have a nice day 


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