Hello everyone Shawn aka TheKazeTrigger here and welcome to my next MVM Entertainment anime review.

This time I will be reviewing the anime The Familiar of Zero.

Now unlike my Shakugan no Shana review where I reviewed all the seasons I will be only be reviewing the first season of The Familiar of Zero.

Why you may ask well one I only own the first season of The Familiar of Zero on DVD and secondly at this time of the review I have no interest of watching and reviewing its squeals and from what I been told from my mates told that the squeals for The Familiar of Zero are not that good.

Now The Familiar of Zero is quite a polarising series because I see people who love the series or downright hate it with the burning passion.

What do I think of The Familiar Of Zero?

Well let’s find out shall we.



The story of The Familiar Of Zero is set in a magic school called Tristen Magic Academy where my main heroine Louise is a second year student there.

Sadly, for Louise her studies in spell casting are not good at all and all of her attempts at magic end up backfiring in an explosive manner which has earned her the nickname “Louise the Zero.” To add insult to injury in her latest failure in the mystical arts occurred during the familiar summoning ceremony were sorcerers age expected to call forth an animal companion. Instead of summoning something great like a Dragon or a bear, Louise summons up a teenage boy from Tokyo named Saito and from there the relationship with Louise and Saito beings.

Personally I found the story of the Familiar of Zero to be pretty enjoyable for the most.

Sure it kinda clichéd at times but for what it is its enjoyable to watch.

Also the comedy of the Familiar of Zero can be a hit or miss for some but for me the comedy is enjoyable to some degree but the gag about Saito having to washing her panties gets really annoying as the season progresses.

As for the World Building it’s actually quite good. It does a good job exploring the magic aspects, beasts and society of the Tristen Magic Academy.

Lastly the pacing for this season is good and it really help the season because not only this is more of a character driven series but it also builds up to the last couple of episodes of the first season.

Overall the story is decent but enjoyable.




Now I been told from my mates that Lousie is the worst tsundere girl and to be honest she’s not that bad. Sure at times she can be annoying with her abuse behaviour to Saito and also she is loud and whinny but for the most part she’s a meh character overall. I can definitely see people hate her but as for me I found her to be tolerable at best.

Next we have is Saito who is you typical generic ecchi shounen, brave, protective and never wanting to give up. I have nothing else to say about him because that’s what he literally does in this anime. He’s a generic character who does generic things.

The rest of the character cast are also generic ecchi characters who also do generic ecchi things.

But hey least they enjoyable to watch unlike the cast of Love Hina.

In short this character cast is nothing but generic.




Visually The Familiar of Zero is decent with a standard looking world and character deigns. Sure there are some good actions scenes every now and then but the most part the art and animation is standard tier expect for the fights.




The soundtrack for the Familiar of Zero is actually good and it really fits with the mood and atmosphere of the anime. It’s honestly the best thing about this whole anime in my opinion.

We got some great tracks such as Good Friends, Louise, Gandaaruvu, Seiso, Hajirai and those tracks alone made this anime more enjoyable.

The opening is great and very catchy and the ending theme is cute but is not that catchy.

Now for Sub or Dub.

The dub is honestly mediocre and all of the voice actors did a decent to mediocre performance on the roles.

As for the sub. Rie Kugimiya as Louise was great and it was easily the best performance from this anime. As for the others is fairly standard.

If you planning to watch The Familiar of Zero. Go with the sub because the squeals don’t have a dub opinion at all.


Final Thoughts.


The Familiar of Zero is a generic but enjoyable time-waster series if you have nothing to watch.

The story was meh, character are mediocre to decent, art/animation is decent, a nice soundtrack and the dub is okay.

Personally I don’t think this show is that bad or great to be honest because this show is just decent and harmless.

Only buy The Familiar of Zero on a sale because buying the Familiar of Zero brand new on blu ray. along with its squeals is like buying Assassin’s Creed Unity Notre Dame Edition on launch. It’s totally not worth it to be honest.

I currently own this on DVD and I brought it for £5 which is the most appropriate price for the series for this.


I give Familiar of Zero a 5.5/10 (It’s your everyday generic ecchi series that is enjoyable to watch if you have nothing to watch at all)

Anime recommendations

Shakugan No Shana



Dog Days


Hayate The Combat Butler

Rokka no Yuusha

For my next MVM Entertainment anime review I will be doing a straw poll of what anime you guys want me too review and if that anime wins I will review that anime. Please stay tune for that.
Alternatively you can visit my profile and go too my straw poll link and you can vote from they’re.
Anyway this was Shawn aka TheKazeTrigger and I will see you guys next time.


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