Top 10 anime that I been harsh to it but deserves a second chance from me.

Top 10 anime that I been harsh to it but deserves a second chance from me.

Hello everyone this is Shawn aka TheKazeTrigger and welcome to my next anime countdown.

For this countdown I will be showing you animes that I was not a fan of, heavy dislike it or downright hated it but I should I give a second chance in the future.

With that further a do let’s get on with this list.

10 Death Note Current rating 6/10

9 Hyouka current rating 6/10

8 Psycho Pass: current rating 5/10

7 Magi both seasons: current rating 4.5/10

6 Noragami Both Seasons: current rating 4/10

5 ef series: current rating 3.5/10

4 Rage of Bahamut Genesis: current rating 3/10

3 Death Parade: current rating 3/10

2 Ore Monogatari: current rating 2.5/10

1 You lie in April: current rating 2/10

Honorable Mention. 


Thank you for viewing my list.

If you want to my reasoning for why I don’t like these shows then please leave a comment below on my MAL page or in my WordPress comment selection.

This is Shawn aka TheKazeTrigger and have a nice day 

Why I couldn’t finish Vampire Princess Miyu (TV) 

Why I couldn’t finish Vampire Princess Miyu (TV) 

​Hello everyone this is Shawn aka TheKazeTrigger and well am going to say this right now.

I wanted to review Vampire Princess Miyu for my MVM Entertainment Month but I won’t review it anymore because I personally found the show BORING!!!.

Seriously this is one of the most boring show I have ever seen in the long while.
Yes I been told that the first 10 episodes were episodic but man those episodes were just really boring and the characters were not even that intresting at all. 
What really kills this show for me was the dub and I got to say this. This is one of the worst I have ever heard. Seriously the audio quality in dub is terrible and the voice acting is really stiff.

I dropped the dub at episode 5 and desided to watch the next 2 episodes sub and to be real honest it’s not much better at all in fact I have to say the sub is only slightly better than the dub just because some characters sounded decent.
In the end of the day I decided to drop this show because it was just so boring.

I don’t think Vampire Princess Miyu is a bad series or anything but just didn’t like it and it’s wasn’t for me. 

The saddest part about this is I actually took screenshots and started writing a review for this.

Oh well can’t be helped now

Stay tuned for my Bakemonogatari review that is coming up soon.

Anime Review 1.6 The Familiar Of Zero (Season 1).

Anime Review 1.6 The Familiar Of Zero (Season 1).

Hello everyone Shawn aka TheKazeTrigger here and welcome to my next MVM Entertainment anime review.

This time I will be reviewing the anime The Familiar of Zero.

Now unlike my Shakugan no Shana review where I reviewed all the seasons I will be only be reviewing the first season of The Familiar of Zero.

Why you may ask well one I only own the first season of The Familiar of Zero on DVD and secondly at this time of the review I have no interest of watching and reviewing its squeals and from what I been told from my mates told that the squeals for The Familiar of Zero are not that good.

Now The Familiar of Zero is quite a polarising series because I see people who love the series or downright hate it with the burning passion.

What do I think of The Familiar Of Zero?

Well let’s find out shall we.



The story of The Familiar Of Zero is set in a magic school called Tristen Magic Academy where my main heroine Louise is a second year student there.

Sadly, for Louise her studies in spell casting are not good at all and all of her attempts at magic end up backfiring in an explosive manner which has earned her the nickname “Louise the Zero.” To add insult to injury in her latest failure in the mystical arts occurred during the familiar summoning ceremony were sorcerers age expected to call forth an animal companion. Instead of summoning something great like a Dragon or a bear, Louise summons up a teenage boy from Tokyo named Saito and from there the relationship with Louise and Saito beings.

Personally I found the story of the Familiar of Zero to be pretty enjoyable for the most.

Sure it kinda clichéd at times but for what it is its enjoyable to watch.

Also the comedy of the Familiar of Zero can be a hit or miss for some but for me the comedy is enjoyable to some degree but the gag about Saito having to washing her panties gets really annoying as the season progresses.

As for the World Building it’s actually quite good. It does a good job exploring the magic aspects, beasts and society of the Tristen Magic Academy.

Lastly the pacing for this season is good and it really help the season because not only this is more of a character driven series but it also builds up to the last couple of episodes of the first season.

Overall the story is decent but enjoyable.




Now I been told from my mates that Lousie is the worst tsundere girl and to be honest she’s not that bad. Sure at times she can be annoying with her abuse behaviour to Saito and also she is loud and whinny but for the most part she’s a meh character overall. I can definitely see people hate her but as for me I found her to be tolerable at best.

Next we have is Saito who is you typical generic ecchi shounen, brave, protective and never wanting to give up. I have nothing else to say about him because that’s what he literally does in this anime. He’s a generic character who does generic things.

The rest of the character cast are also generic ecchi characters who also do generic ecchi things.

But hey least they enjoyable to watch unlike the cast of Love Hina.

In short this character cast is nothing but generic.




Visually The Familiar of Zero is decent with a standard looking world and character deigns. Sure there are some good actions scenes every now and then but the most part the art and animation is standard tier expect for the fights.




The soundtrack for the Familiar of Zero is actually good and it really fits with the mood and atmosphere of the anime. It’s honestly the best thing about this whole anime in my opinion.

We got some great tracks such as Good Friends, Louise, Gandaaruvu, Seiso, Hajirai and those tracks alone made this anime more enjoyable.

The opening is great and very catchy and the ending theme is cute but is not that catchy.

Now for Sub or Dub.

The dub is honestly mediocre and all of the voice actors did a decent to mediocre performance on the roles.

As for the sub. Rie Kugimiya as Louise was great and it was easily the best performance from this anime. As for the others is fairly standard.

If you planning to watch The Familiar of Zero. Go with the sub because the squeals don’t have a dub opinion at all.


Final Thoughts.


The Familiar of Zero is a generic but enjoyable time-waster series if you have nothing to watch.

The story was meh, character are mediocre to decent, art/animation is decent, a nice soundtrack and the dub is okay.

Personally I don’t think this show is that bad or great to be honest because this show is just decent and harmless.

Only buy The Familiar of Zero on a sale because buying the Familiar of Zero brand new on blu ray. along with its squeals is like buying Assassin’s Creed Unity Notre Dame Edition on launch. It’s totally not worth it to be honest.

I currently own this on DVD and I brought it for £5 which is the most appropriate price for the series for this.


I give Familiar of Zero a 5.5/10 (It’s your everyday generic ecchi series that is enjoyable to watch if you have nothing to watch at all)

Anime recommendations

Shakugan No Shana



Dog Days


Hayate The Combat Butler

Rokka no Yuusha

For my next MVM Entertainment anime review I will be doing a straw poll of what anime you guys want me too review and if that anime wins I will review that anime. Please stay tune for that.
Alternatively you can visit my profile and go too my straw poll link and you can vote from they’re.
Anyway this was Shawn aka TheKazeTrigger and I will see you guys next time.

Anime Review 1.5 Fate/Zero Both Seasons. (A masterpiece of war?)

Anime Review 1.5 Fate/Zero Both Seasons. (A masterpiece of war?)

Hello everybody Shawn aka TheKazeTrigger here and welcome to my first MVM Entertainment anime review project.

For the first anime I will be reviewing is Fate/Zero.

Now I have mixed opinions of the Fate franchise because while my thoughts on Unlimited Blade Works by Ufotable are mixed and I personally hate the Deen adaptions of Fate Stay Night. I thought my love with the Fate franchise will die out because of this.

Did my love for Fate Zero die out or it’s still going strong as ever?

Well let’s find out.


The story of Fate Zero revolves on something call the Holy Grail War.

A Holy Grail war is a war between seven servants as well as seven masters (Magic Users) who through the power of the grail summon heroic spirits who are the people of legend, history fame, or myth. They all battle which each other to claim ownership of the grail which is said to be able to grant the owner any wish.

The story of Fate/Zero is really good in my opinion because unlike its squeal Fate Stay Night which was inconsistent Fate Zero stay consistent from start to finish containing some of the best story direction I have ever seen.

Fate Zero is the story of the 4th Holy Grail War 10 years pearl to the events of the 5th Holy Grail War in Fate Stay Night what really separates this war for that is the player themselves.

Unlike in Fate Stay Night where the war focus on entirely on the main protagonist here it’s much bigger more diverse, and more mature and

This is war done right!

Aliens and betrayals, well planned and thought out strategies and deposition, well-directed fight sequences, really relatable characters movable tons, world building that is fully fleshed out.

Not to mention I really adore the use of heavy dialogue and exposition as seen in episode 1 and for that reason episode 1 of Fate Zero is one of my favourite first anime episodes in anime and it’s in my top 30 favourite anime episodes.

In short Fate Zero has it all!

The story is original, externally well written, unpredictable, hardly and black and whites and it will keep you edge to your seat when watching,

The ending of Fate/Zero is great and it really fits with the theme of Fate/Zero.

I won’t spoil the ending here because this ending is a experience that you should watch for your own viewing.

Fate/Zero also does an amazing job exploring its themes such as prides, responsibilities of being a king, sacrifices, tragicly, survival and future.

I honestly cannot  find any flaws with the story because the execution of the story is just wonderful.



The characters of Fate/Zero are very mature and well written compare to the cast of Fate Stay Night where they immature as hell and they usually fall into generic character tropes.

The thing that makes the character cast so special is that doesn’t really have a main character least for a while.

All of the masters and servants are explored in depth and we get to see the war through each of their perspectives. Completely different to its squeal series Fate Stay Night.

Not to mention the character interactions with each other because unlike in Fate Stay Night where the character interactions are stiff, forced and sometimes have no substance at all Fate Zero character interactions are believable, relatable and have a great impact of the outcome of the 4th Holy Grail War.

My favourite characters in Fate/Zero is Rider and Waver because not only they are great entrainment character but they are well written from start to finish. Not to mention Rider and Waver are some of the best duo I have ever seen in anime.

This is all thanks to Gen Urobuchi. If you guys don’t know about him Gen Urobuchi is the series composition of Madoka Magica, Psycho Pass, Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet and Fate/Zero.

Gen Urobuchi has a habit of writing ideologies rather than characters and fate zero is the prime example of that. Most of the character aren’t really fleshed out or well developed  They serve  more as physical embodiment of the individual ideals rather than actual people. The focus is on the character interactions and not necessarily the characters themselves. All of the characters in Fate/Zero are really complex characters making for a nice change from the typically Black and White approach as well generic that squeal series Fate Stay Night suffers from.

Also by the time you figure out who’s good or evil chances are they already been killed in the battlefield. 

 Besides that this character cast is nothing but amazing.



 Visually Fate/Zero is one of the best looking anime I have ever seen. Ufotable absolutely really did a wonderful job here as the animation is some of the best animation I have ever seen for a TV series.

The action sequences are unbelievably beautiful  and the choreography is just perfect.

Also unpopular option I think the art/animation here is better than Fate Stay Night UBW (TV) while the fights in UBW (TV) are greatly animated most of slice of life bits were kinda too bright and sometimes the character designs are not properly drawn and feel like plastic at times if you look very closely on the character during those scenes.

The character deigns in Fate/Zero well thought out, very well drawn, animated and consistent from start to finish.

I personally have no complaints with the art and animation.

11/10 I definably broke the scale for this one.


The soundtrack is just epic.

This is Yuki Kajiura at her best because she utilises those badass choir vocals endlessly to give nearly every track that feel of epicness.

Fate/Zero has 2 opening and 2 ending themes and they are all just epic and very catchy in they own way.

Now for dub or sub.

To be honest go for what you want because both the Japanese and English voice actors really did a great job with they performance making each role more satisfying  to the audience.

I would say go for both sub and dub for this one.

Final Thoughts.

 Fate/Zero is one of the best animes I have ever seen from 2010s era of anime and its one of the most entering rides I have ever been on.

The story was addicting and seeing the characters ideologies clash with each other was absolute thrill. The animation is absolutely beautiful and the soundtrack is fitting epic from start to finish.

Also both sub and dub are flawless in my eyes.

It accomplishes something a few prequels have and far surpassing its sequel Fate Stay Night. At this point I mention why is Fate/Zero is better than Fate Stay Night and that because it is. Fate Zero manages to fix everything that I hated about Fate Stay Night and in my opinion Fate/Zero makes any anime adaptation of Fate Stay Night look like a joke by comparison.

Fate/Zero is one of the best animes I have ever seen and its now in my top 15 favourites anime of all time.

Fate Zero is a modern classic that should not be missed by anyone.

I give Fate/Zero Both Seasons a 10/10 ( Masterpiece of war)

Fate/Zero is available from MVM Entertainment in the UK and they currently licensed both seasons on DVD and Blu Ray.


If you can Fate/Zero is a must buy on Blu Ray for the better viewing experience while DVD version of Fate/Zero is surprisingly good compare to the blurry looking Fate/Stay Night UBW (TV) on DVD.

Anime recommendations.

Fullmetal alchemist Brotherhood

Code Geass

Kara no Kyoukai

Hellsing Ultimate.

Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu (Legend of the Galactic Heroes)

Anyway this was Shawn aka TheKazeTrigger and I will see you guys next time.

Next anime review for my MVM Entertainment anime review project will be The Familiar of Zero S1 or Bakemonogatari.