The first season of Gundam Build Fighters was just amazing because I never expected Gundam Build Fighters to be good in the slightest because of growing my bitterness to the children anime in general.

It had a great simple story with great writing, amazing characters, wonderful art/animation and the ost was just a masterpiece of art.

Update for my season 1 review I think the Dub of Build Fighters was good for what is was but it had some problems with some of the characters voices not sounding good at the beginning.


The first season of Gundam Build Fighters is in my top 10 favourite anime of all time.

When I saw Gundam Build Fighters for the first I expected to be almost as great as the first season of Gundam Build Fighters.

If only that was true.


Hello everyone Shawn/TheKazeTrigger and I will be reviewing the squeal to the sleeper hit Gundam Build Fighters Gundam Build Fighters Try. Is this show worth the watch let’s find out.



The story is almost literally the same as the first season but downgraded in quality.

Why you may ask?

Well for starters the writing in this season is clearly not that good because remember the amazing humour that the first season had. Well the first season type of humour is gone and it’s replace with meh humour at best to cringe-worthy humour at worst.

Secondly this season feels more like a battle shounen more than a hobby that  people can enjoy equally because the rivals in the season behave more like a generic villains that just wants power for they own deeds.

That’s alone hurts the characterisation for this cast and it’s really a shame that writers went for a shounen route this time. The first season had its shounen moments but it was less notable due to the great character interactions and strategies that happens in the first season.

Also the battles are all predictable and boring because in Season 1 there was a lot of strategies in the fight and also the battles were almost non predictable. In Try however fights are boring, unexciting and to add insult to injury they is a bunch of Deus Ex Machinas now meaning whenever team try fighters are in a hopeless situation Sekai’s Gunpla will magically get stronger just to advance the plot.

I have admit that some of the fights were hype but the hype factor was negated due to god awful plot armour and Deus Ex Machinas that the Team Try Fighters have.
In short the story is such a train-wreck compared to S1 but its own it really a generic mess.




If I have to describe the character cast in a nutshell it would be wasted potential.

Now I have to admit that Sekai is really a good character on his own but the problem is he doesn’t really well with the other characters because compare to Sekai the other characters are just bland and un-interesting.

I had this same problem with Touma from A Certain Magical Index) because every other character besides him are not shounen type character and I think it really messes up the genre for me.

Overall I liked Sekai.

Next we have Fumina…

What the fuck did you do to this character Sunrise?

Fumina starts off being a potential great female lead because she is a team leader and she was a strong combatant for the first couple of fights.

As the series however literally becomes a supporting character because reasons?

What really pissed me of about this Fumina is ever since she became a supporting character she started doing retarded shit like being a half ass tsundere, joins Sekai ‘s harem and the final nail of the coffin for Fumina is she literally got nerfed  to death meaning she is more weak than any supporting characters in the first season. That is just sad.

In general Fumina is just perfect example of a wasted potential character.

You thought Fumina was missed potential Yuuma is literally a badly written character.

He’s boring, pretentious, uninteresting and he’s is really a poor man’s Sei, Not to mention Yumma sup plot is just terrible because you won’t believe this wonderful writing The main reason why he’s depressed and stop playing altogether Gunpla because somebody beat him in a Gunpla battle.

Let’s say that again. The main reason why he’s depressed and stopped playing Gunpla altogether because somebody beat him in a Gunpla battle.

What’s even worst about this he’s stopped playing Gunpla because of humiliation not because of an illness or family issues and by the way those are perfect sup plot sets for this character but no we get a poorly written revenge story instead because we haven’t got enough of those stories right.

Overall Yuuma is a terrible character.

The rest of the characters are also not that good .

In fact the side characters in TRY hurt the anime more than the story and the main characters because the side characters here are just really bad.

Don’t get me started how comical the rivals here because they don’t have any passion for the sport whatsoever and most of them are doing it for the money, some school pride or some business shit.

Also the character interactions were just bad and at times cringe-worthy.

Overall the characters in Gundam Build Fighters Try were really bad besides Sekai and the show biggest fault by a long shot.



If the show has any positive at all its the art/animation.

Sunrise really did a really good job with the backgrounds, character deigns and movement mainly the gunpla fights.

They just look amazing. Some of the better animation from a Gundam series in my opinion especially the last couple of episodes. It’s easily the best aspect of the show to be honest.

Also the mecha designs were just wonderful as ever.




The OST itself is good for what it was but compare to the first season its not that great and it times it can be forgettable.

I can hardly remember a single track from the ost at all and this really sad because the first season ost is one of my favourite ost in anime.

The first opening Cerulean by BACK-ON is a good song and it really fits into the show really well and it’s also one best parts of Gundam Build Fighters Try. It’s catchy as hell and its a good listen.

The second opening Just Fly Away by EDGE of LIFE is also a good song but compare to the first opening its just okay and its feels more like a ending theme in my opinion.

Even tho Gundam Build Fighters Try has 2 good openings its simply can’t complete with the first season opening 2 wimp ft. Lil’Fang (from FAKY) by BACK-ON because one the song had its own charm and secondly it was catchy and lastly the song was pure hype.

The first ending theme Amazing The World  by SCREEN mode is a great song and its easily the best ending theme from the Gundam Build Fighters series.

The second ending theme Mayomayo Compass wa Iranai by StylipS is a okay ending theme. Nothing more nothing less.

At this time of the Gundam Build Fighters has a dub and to be honest with you. The dub is decent nothing in more nothing less

If you had a choice of sub or dub I would say stick with the sub unless you like watching dubbed anime such as myself.


Final Thoughts.


Wasted Potential is easily the best way to describe Gundam Build Fighters Try as a whole.

It’s has terrible characterisation, pretentious sub plots, weak story, very predictable fights that have contains lots of plot armour and deus ex machinas, a borderline forgettable ost and its kinda unsatisfying at the end.

Sorry Sekai san.

On its own its a highly enjoyable but mediocre Gundam title but if you compare it to the well written first season its kinda of a train-wreck and it clearly doesn’t do the first season justice in my opinion.

It takes away the fun of the first season and actually takes away a lot of the charm of the first season and it’s really a shame. If you’re planning to watch this only watch it for the mecha battles and Sekai’s character development.

I give Gundam Build Fighters Try a 6 /10 ( It’s a mediocre squeal from a first season that I adored)

I don’t have any recommendations this time. 😦

Anyway this has been Shawn aka TheKazeTrigger and I will see you guys next time.



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