Warning this review will contain strong language.



Also if you a fan of Guilty Crown and can’t take other peoples opinion then don’t read this review


There was a time in fall 11 when I was super hyped for Guilty Crown because I finished Code Geass during my earlier days of anime and I was looking for anime that are similar o Code Geass. Then I watched Guilty Crown as it was airing weekly from start to finish and I liked it because I thought it has great character development a great story amazing visuals and a awesome OST

So I gave a 8 or 9/10 and it was in my top 15 favourite anime of all time but that set score decayed overtime and dropped to about a 6 and it was no longer in my top 30 but I still thought it was a decent fun show whatever.

Then in winter 16 I decided to re-watch guilty crown for the 8th time and I liked it first but knew that it was a bad series. Then one season later I stared noticing more problems than I was way more problems after I started more anime that are actually really terrible and I found similarities. I think the final nail of the coffin is when I saw similarities to Mirai Nikk, Akame Ga Kill, and the second half’s of Golden Time and Shigatsu and I was like ” Yeah this show is fucking trash.

Now I don’t Guilty Crown is good at all and I think Guilty Crown is one the worst things that anime has ever produced.


Guilty Crown is a perfect example of amazing visuals and a beautiful ost wasted on a painfully horrendous story with abysmal writing and characters that made me slam my head on a freaking wall.


Guilty Crown was directed by Tetsurou Araki and it consists of 22 episodes airing from Oct 14, 2011 too Mar 23, 2012.

With that all said let’s dive in.



The story of guilty crown is set in Tokyo in the year 2039. A decade has passed since the outbreak known as the  “Apocalypse Virus” killed thousands of people and brought Japan to its knees from that disaster that is called Lost Christmas

Since that time Japan has lost its independence, and has become a martial state governed by an international organisation known as GHQ.

The story really begins with a pink girl and a robot attempting to escape to from a futuristic-looking facility, but security forces injure and corner her until she falls off a bridge. The next morning we are introduced to Shu who is a anti-social in high school who is a fan of the pop-group called Egoist whose lead singer just happens too be a waif-like girl with pink hair.


And from there the show literally goes downhill in the worst imaginable way.




You see unlike SAO where it had potential to be amazing but the second half completely ruined the show. Well Guilty Crown went downhill at the first episode because not only it’s a Code Geass ripoff but they way they handed the story was just awful from start to finish.


This show tries to include many genres like action, mecha, drama, sci fi, and romance but it ultimately fails because they are so poorly written that in the end some of these genres feel unnecessarily. BTW the romance of Shu and Inori is easily the worse romance I have ever encountered because not only the romance itself is poorly written but the characters have no chemistry with each other whatsoever


Also this show manages to rip off some of my favourites animes like Code Geass, Neon Genesis Evangelion and Utena with the story and characters but Guilty Crown didn’t try shit to make the story and characters unique.


One more thing that am going to mention is the second half is easily the worst second half of anime period because the story literately shit itself more than the althem arc of Sword Art Online.

I wont go any more detail on the second half because I want you to experience the second half for yourselves.


Overall the story is just broken beyond repair.




609680 (1)

You thought the story was broken well the character are even worse because I have never seen such a broken and poorly written character cast in my life and I thought Akame ga Kill and Sword Art Online had a horrendous character cast.


First we have Shu who for me is easily one of the worst characters in fiction period.

Shu is anit-social whiny high school kid who spends the entire first half whining like a bitch and hitting on a emotionless doll named Inori. Not to mention has no fucking character development whatsoever.

One more thing that I want to close this off is that second half he literary goes full retard mode both psychically and mentally.

Personally I think Shu is a worse than Kirito because in the terms of writing because least Kirito has a personally despite him being over powered and having a harem at the end. Shu is a retard Shinji clone with no substance.

Then we have Inori who also suffers from poor character development and any sort of characterisation. Inori is a C.C/Rei knockoff expect the writers didn’t even fucking try because half of the series she’s literally just a sex object for the horny teenagers.

No offence.

Overall Inori is a horrendous charterer and a bad fan-service character on top of that.

Lastly we have Gai who is surprisingly a decent character because unlike Shu he’s actually decently handled in this show. Sure he’s a poor mans Kamina/Lelouch but compare to the other characters he was actually decent.


The side characters besides from one are just horrendous and really poorly handed. I don’t really to go much depth to them.


The only side character that I like is Tsugumi because she is a great hacker a decent fan-service character unlike Inori where half of the series she was just sex object and she’s actually entertaining.

unlike everyone else in this shit show

In general this character cast is just abysmal.

Gai and Tsugaumi need to be in a better anime because I personally think those characters had the potential to be good but instead they decided to focus on the miss characters like Shu and Inori which they are horrible.




Now visually Guilty Crown looks amazing and it’s easily the main highlight of show with nice scenery from the city and locations that Guilty Crown has to offer.

The animation is straight right up beautiful to look at and its easily one of the best animated anime from production I.G because the animation was so nice, smooth and crisp you just cannot criticise the animation of guilty crown really.


One more thing the fan-service is some of the most childish of fan-service I have ever seen in anime.

This shit might as well have an ecchi tag on it.




Card 01

The OST is also great and it easily one of the best things about because most of the tracks are just wonderful to listen.

My favourite track is βios because it was just fucking amazing. Hell is one of my favourite anime tracks in anime.

I don’t know why they decided to put this amazing track in a broken show like Guilty Crown.


Opening 1 My Dearlist is easily my favourite anime opening from a bad anime because visually is looks amazing and the song itself sounded beautiful.

The second op was meh but still enjoyable to listen.


The ending themes were okay and they were nothing special.

The dub of Guilty Crown is mediocre and it was not great as people say it is.

It’s a okay dub nothing more nothing less.


Overall the OST and opening 1 are just wonderful to listen while ending themes were mediocre





The only piece of got enjoyment that I got in this shit is watching this train-wreck with friends because if I watch this by myself the show will give me strong PTSD of how offensively poorly written these character are as well with the art/animation trolling with you of how amazing it looks.

Also I personally found Tsugumi to be entertaining character it was easily the main highlight of the show besides from the visuals and OST even tho she didn’t do much in the show.




Final Thoughts.


Guilty Crown is one perfect example of having great visuals and OST don’t make a good anime.

It’s has a horrendous story with second half being the worst second half I have ever seen in anime, cringe-worthy characters, good art/animation that trolls the audience, a great OST and a mediocre dub.

Out of all the anime that I seen Guilty Crown is easily the biggest train-wreck I seen and yes it’s a bigger train-wreck than Akame Ga Kill and Sword Art Online combined.

Even tho I gave high scores to my art/animation and sound selection it don’t really matter because having great visuals and OST don’t mean fucking shit if you story and characters are horrendous

If you think that great visuals and OST make a good anime then am sorry but you need to watch better anime.


I strongly recommend you to avoid this show because besides from the great visuals and OST everything else is just broken


I was going to give Guilty Crown a 2/10 but after witnessing the horrible story, abysmal characters and not to mention the second half is broken beyond believe in the terms of writing and direction I changed the score completely.


It’s been a while since I give this score to a anime but I give Guilty Crown a 1/10 (Train-wreck the animation.)

Guitly Crown is one of the worst anime I have ever seen in my life and its up par with Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, Mirai Nikki and Black Bullet.

It’s such a shame that see shit like Guilty Crown and Akame Ga Kill are rated higher than some of my favourites animes like Escaflowne, Inazuma Eleven, Shakugan No Shana and Selector WIXOSS series

That proves how bad the MAL rating system is.

Anime recommendations

Code Geass

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Revolutionary Girl Utena


Towa no Quon 

Eureka Seven

Gurren Lagann

Anyway this was Shawn aka TheCodeTrigeer and I will see you guys next time.

Now I should get back to Dennou Coil (DUB) greatness



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