Hello everyone TheCodeTrigger here and this time I will be taking about something different than the usually anime reviews that I would do

Well I am going to give my thoughts on a Poketuber named Verlisify and what are my thoughts of this drama.

If you guys don’t know Verlisify one of the most popular poketubers in the YouTube at the moment with 221,179 subscribers on his YouTube channel. When I first started playing competitive Pokemon I saw one of his videos where was doing a Meowstick M stragicly guide because Meowstic is one of my favourite 6 gen Pokemon and I thought it can be use competitively on. Then I was like “hmmm if I subscribe to this great poketuber I can use all of my favourite Pokemon in a competitive scene”. Then I subscribe to him and well he was good Poketuber I had no issue with the Verlisify whatsoever at the time and he was a very friendly poketuber. Then I started to play VGC because at the time I wanted to go to the world championships. Then I use the team that Verlisify uses on ranked battle and guess what I got fucking wrecked because people were using Landorus T, Mega Kangashan, Mega Charizard Y, Amoongus, Cresslina and Rotom W,

Then I asked my some of my pokefriends that why is my team getting wrecked like this?

They answered ” Your’re Pokemon has bad moveset/ nature or ability.

After that I decided to go on NuggetBrige where you use the damage calculator, looking at trainers past Pokemon teams that have been topping in worlds or regional championships. I was like “huh maybe I should follow this website and build a VGC team there”.

Then many months later I decided to check out more Verlisify new videos and man it is just him trashing cheaters of using Pokegenners Pokemon and plus some of his movesets are just plan retarded like for fury cutter Venusaur or fucking curse, amnesia Wailord with heavy slam…

What a amazing moveset ^_^


Then I stared to question verlisify talent because he is making the god awful movesets for both Smogon and VGC formats and now he is trashing cheaters. And now who dares to criticise Verlisify will immediately get blocked by him.

I haven’t talked to him but maybe one day I will because I think he’s hurting the Pokemon community.

For example when Verlisify was lying on some Pokemon competition of how he was undefeated but in realty he lost a game and he got salty.

First thing first never lie about you results in a competitive gaming format because the other players will find out and you could get picked on just for lying. I seen many people do in other competitive games like Cardfight Vanguard, Yu-Gi-Oh Pokemon TCG and many and trust me when you lie to people during a competition you are basically disrepcting your opponents and yourself .

Secondly If you don’t like the format that you play but your trashing the format then don’t play the damm format. I seen him play Smogon on his videos but at the same time he is just complaining about the tier list. Well Verlisify you cannot change to rule of Smogon because Smogon is trying to create a balance metagame where all Pokemon from each tier can play equally without Pokemon like speed boost Blaziken with life orb sweeping your team. I know that may be a bad example but you know what I mean.

Now what are my real thoughts on this Pokedrama. Well all I can say is he need to stop causing drama because verlisify is basically making both the Smogon and VGC competitive look bad because he is trying to become a god of Smogon/VGC formats by giving us bullshit statements of how he’s very good at game when he’s actually bad at both formats.

Also I think he should start taking criticism more seriously because peoples criticism towards Verlisify  is actually true because I notice in his newer videos is where he just being a total manchild when his gets criticised for the perfect reasons. He will not take any criticism but he will block you and before he sleeps he will actually go to his block list on anything and will start wanking on his damm block list because he is a fucking dumbass that can’t take any form of criticism.

Sorry for sounding so harsh here but it had to be done because he will never learn.

Another thing I want to talk about is cheating in Pokemon in general .

I personally don’t mind cheaters as long they are still playing the format correctly like no hacked moves, a full team of shinys or having a Greninja in a Masterball. I understand people using powersaves because trust getting a good competitive Pokemon can take week to months because of the breeding and soft resetting progress and many people have jobs or they are still in school.

I use powersaves myself to check the IVs and nature of that Pokemon I don’t get heated for that so you have no damm right to say we can’t powersaves because some people want to play Pokemon with spending months or weeks just to get a decent time for that format.

You sir are officially one of the worst Poketubers I have ever seen in my life because you like to trash both poke communities with your lies and you can’t take any criticism for shit.

So there you have folks my Verlisify drama thoughts and rant.

What are your thoughts on Verlisify’s drama?

A bunch of Verlisfy roasting pictures and videos from other youtubers for you to enjoy.










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