Ever had a manga that you loved so much? When your first saw the trailer for that anime adaptation you get so excited because it’s finally being animated on screen. Then you finally watched and that show just failed to deliver your expectations.

Well some really poplar manga series like Tokyo Ghoul, Black Butler and Akame Ga Kill received bad adaptations that all went for a anime original route in the end.

Mahou Sensei Negima is a another victim of this bad adaptation trend because Xebec took the fairly poplar Ecchi/Harem,Shouen manga by a man named  Ken Akamatsu and shoving  it into a 26 episodes anime series which for a long running manga series is kinda bad because you will only able to adapt the first couple of volumes of the manga before going to a anime original route.

Mahou Sensei Negima is a anime series that came out too early because the manga was still on-going at the time when the anime was still airing.

Hello everyone TheCodeTrigger and today’s review will be Mahou Sensei Negima from Studio Xebec

Mahou Sensei Negima was directed by Habara, Nobuyoshi and it constants of 26 episodes airing from Jan 6, 2005 too Jun 30, 2005. So is it one of the worse adaptations? Let’s find out



The story of Negima takes place in a large private school of Mahora Academy where the main characters have begin they first year in middle school .While elsewhere in England a organisation of magic wielders have assigned  magic school graduate Negi Springfield a job to become a professional teacher at set school…

Oh wait he just show up because Xebec isn’t smart enough to adapt the first scene probably.

Oh wait they did adapted it but its only in the Mahou Sensei Neigma Introduction Film more on that later.

So already on the first day of the job he’s already been found a girl named Asuna Kaguarzaka after he saved a girl named Nodoka Miyazaki by using his magic to stop Nodoka from falling to the ground.

After that nothing really happens. Sure there’s the confrontation of Negi and Evangeline and a few other bits but compare to the manga it feels so rushed.

You see half of the series feels like unnecessarily filler. There’s no engaging plot, no great villains, character development is almost non-existent here.

One of the most important arcs of the Negima manga is revolving Kyoto and Negi trying to find out why his father left him. But in the anime is like oh we are going to Kyoto to mess around then we will fight some bad guys and then we just buzz off back to school. We don’t get any  character development of Negi, no progressive story and a complete waste of episode length.

Oh the world building of Negima has been watered down. Compare the manga where they go into more detail of the school and later on the world. It’s not almost non existence like Akame Ga Kill where they main city hasn’t got a memorable name and the people in the imperial capital are just lifeless.

Overall the story is kinda lacklustre at best




The characters in Negima are good and interesting on paper but most of them are just kinda a letdown.

Negi is a our main protagonist who is assigned to teach 31 female students at Mahora Academy. To be frank honest with and it’s sad to say this Negi is my least favourite character in this season. It’s not because I don’t like him or anything in fact in the manga, ova and ever Negima!? he was my one of my favourite characters in Negima.

The real reason why he’s my least favourite character is that fact is his character development has been watered down heavily plus he’s more of a wimp than anything.

This is like where Kaneki in Tokyo Ghoul Root A where throughout the show he just a emotionless dog that has no soul or care.

Overall Negi was a really disappointing character.

Asuna is likeable I guess but once again she so much better in the manga. Plus is sad to see my second favourite girl from Negima become borderline useless because she doesn’t really do anything besides from caring for Negi as well as being a annoying Tsundere. I know she’s like this in Negima!? and the in the Manga but least she has really good character development and she is a really likeable and relatable character. Here she is likeable but for the wrong reason because in the second half something bad happens to her which btw never happened in the manga whatsoever and I found character development to be forced.

Overall she is a okay character.

The rest of the characters are okay I guess. Bedsides a few other characters that I liked like SetsunaChachamaru KarakuriNagi Springfield and Ayaka Yukihiro I found the rest of the chararters to be forgettable.

The only other character that am going in more detail is Evangeline who is the main villain for the first few episodes.

She’s is a really good character in my but the only I have with her is the fact is she doesn’t get enough screen time to do anything in the story. She could have been best girl if the show adapted her probably.

Overall I still like Evangeline here but compare to her Manga counterpart, the OVA series and surprisingly Negima!? she feels so flat.

This is just sad because what I read so far in the manga this character cast was great and Negi was a actually likeable and relatable character.

Overall this is a disappointing cast to otherwise an amazing cast in a manga, Negima!? and the ova series.




Mahou Sensei Negima was done by Studio Xebec who also did D.N Angel, Pandora Hearts, Shaman King and Shuffle and to be frank honest with you Xebec isn’t that good of a studio and it’s for a very good reason. You see Xbeck has this pattern that they will take a popular manga series and they don’t even adapt it right. In case of what I mean look at the first season of Too Love RU, Okay I haven’t seen the series yet but what I heard first Too Love Ru season was heavily butred.

This is where It really gets bad.

OMG I never seen a anime this cheaply made in my life like seriously the characters designs here are just plan horrid to look at.

All of the characters look like fucking dirt because Studio Xebec thought is a good idea to you MS freaking paint on the characters deigns. To add insult in injury some of the characters hairs have changed. I seriously don’t know of what Xebec was thinking because in the introduction film everyone and I mean everyone had the right hair colour.

Also the background scenery looks terrible and there is barely any life to it at all. I know this came out in 2005 but there’s no excuse. Great Teacher Onizuka came out in 1999 and they was more compare to this

Toei animation would be proud with this.

Lastly the fan=service. Never before I seen such poor usage of fan-service in my life. It doesn’t have too much fan-service unlike in Rosario Vampire but Negima designs to be unique with the fan-service. Well by having barely any form of fan-service whatsoever!!!

Also in the introduction film there was more fan-service and it was use in the way that would make sense unlike here where they just dumb down the fan-service…

Okay there are a few things that I liked about the animation well for started the fights on the last episodes were actually rotatable because it was actually smooth and somewhat consistent. Sure its not ht best thing but at this I got too least say something decent about the art/animation.

Overall the art/animation really killed show for me




The ost surprising good because it fits the nature of the show perfectly and it’s a really enjoyable to listen

The opening theme called Happy Material and to be honest with you I actually liked this song because it’s so catchy and upbeat.

The ending theme is actually really good in my opinion and for me it’s only of the best things about this show because everything else from story to characters just fail hard.

Now for dub or sub?

To be honest with you the dub on paper is quite good but in reality is one of the worst dubs I have ever heard in my life.

Why? Greg Ayers as Negi Springfield that why.

His voice is so bad that I decided to watch it sub while in the making of this review. The first time I watched Negima Dub I wanted to cry when Greg Ayres

as Negi started talking because his voice is so freaking bad and ear-bleeding painful.

Besides from Greg Ayers god awful performance as Negi the rest of the characters did a solid job in they roles and they actually brought more life to the world of Negima.


Leah Clark as Nodoka.

Luci Christian as Asuna.

Laura Bailey as Evangeline and Ayaka.

Overall the OST was good, OP and EN were great and a good dub ruined by Grey Ayers as Negi Springfield



I really liked the OST because it sound wonderful to hear a j.pop in a school setting.

Also I liked Asuna even tho in the later half her character was butchered because something bad happens to Asuna in the anime when in the manga that so called Asuna ark never existed.

Besides from Negi I found this to good dub because the dubs like I!!!!!

Overall I personally got some enjoyment of this show


Final Thoughts.


This has got to be the worst anime adaptation I have ever seen life because its takes away everything that made Negima great and turned it into a another bland harem show.

It has a weak story, some of the characters were butchered or didn’t get enough screen time, trash tier art and animation, a good OST and good dub ruined by one VA.

This is by far Studio Xebec worst anime that they ever done.

Sure D.N Angel and Pandora Hearts had mediocre to weak endings however unlike Negima that actually have a great start. Negima has none of that whatsoever.

When people say Tokyo Ghoul is the worst anime adaptation they not seen the hell of Mahou Sensei Negima because least with Tokyo Ghoul they decently adapted the first season while Root A went for a anime original route. This piece of shit doesn’t know if it wants to be a anime original or a adaptation that follows closely plus they butchered the characters so much that they aren’t the same characters anymore. Not to mention the art and animation was so bad they had to change the animation staff and they had to fix stuff like poor colouring, deformed faces and choppy animation on the DVDs.

Mahou Sensei Negima may be a bad adaptation but least than Akame Ga Kill with the second half being butchered to hell from story, characters and even art/animation quality and at times looks a anime that came out from the early 2000s if you removed the HD.

And am going to say this but I don’t recommend this show.

If you want to see anything Negima related go read the manga or alternately go watch Negima!? and the OVA series.

I give Mahou Sensei Negima  a 3/10 (Not really a garage adaptation but it’s one hell of a wasted potential adaptation)

Anime Recommendations.

Great Teacher Onizuka

Negima!? and OVAS

Assassination Classroom

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Paniponi Dash!

 download (3)

Now my Slayers part 2 and 3 will be delayed because I had to get wipe out my data on my hard drive because it got corrupted sadly.To make it up with you guys I will be 10th review will be done by poll on Facebook of where I put couple of my favourite anime series and one that gets the most votes will win and I will review that anime.

I should able to release Slayers parts 2 and 3 by the end of month or the beginning of next month..



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