Hey, everybody TheCodeTrigger here and welcome to my first ever anime movie review.

For my first ever anime movie review I will be reviewing the highly acclaimed movie that was directed by a man named Hosoda, Mamoru and aired in Juyl 21st in 2012 Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki or Wolf Children in English.

Now with that out for the way let’s begin.



Enter Hana a 19 year college student who meets the love of her dreams named

Ookami who is secretly hiding his identity as being able to transform into a wolf at any-time throughout his life. He’s not a werewolf where he doesn’t tear up other people and as well eat other animals like rabbits or any other animal. He just has this affrication its something that has been with him ever since the day he was born and he’s the last person in his line to have half human and half wolf species and that stuff kinda happens. Eventually Hana gives birth to two children named Ame and Yuki and as well as they have this similar wolf gene . She has to try raise them and which that comes with problems. They problems are they can transform any-time like for example in a city with lots of people and they just transform in wolfs all of these problems arise that Hana has to move out from her home-town to the countryside to rise her children, learning to be a farmer so they can all survive and also not really knowing the other-side of her kids.

I found the story to we well executed from start to finish because it had a amazing set-up that is easy for the viewer to understand and keep up the of the key events of they story like where Hene has to grow her own crops for the first so they and the children can survive, the problems of Ame school has he always use to be the one to get bullied all the time to the latter half of the movie where the children have grown up they make some shocking decisions that I won’t here because due to spoilers.

This is easily one of if not the best-written anime movie I have ever seen. Even with the time jumps that the story has the story is always constant and it doesn’t have any plot holes whatsoever.

The ending itself which I won’t spoil here is some of the best anime endings I have ever seen in any form of media. The ending itself is just so heartbreaking that you need to a set of tissue roles when watching the ending of Wolf Children.

Overall the story is a masterpiece and easily one of the best anime movies stories I have ever seen.




All of the characters in Wolf Children are written so beautiful that you will definitely relate to these characters from start to finish

Hene is now the mother of these children by that she has to move out of her hometown to look after these kids and as well as being a farmer at the same time. I found Hene to be very realistic because not only she gave up her home just to keep her children safe from harm but she also has to learn how to be a farmer and at times of the film you actually see her struggle because there’s is no one helping her whatsoever and she has to farm correctly so they can survive in the countryside.

Overall she is just wonderful anime mother and easily the best mother of anime in my opinion.

Yuki is the oldest of the two children and surprisingly she is also the voice narrator of this film.

Yuki is a energetic and outgoing girl she’s is one of girls that is not afraid to get her hands dirty because she is seen playing around with mud without any consequence. In her childhood years she was one of those girls that is always seeing for attention tended to throw tantrums when everything didn’t go her way. Almost like a Tsundrere ^_^

While her Kindergarten years she is trying she always wanted to become someone she that was not. Similar to a another character from a series that I reviewed already. Yukino Miyazawa (Kare Kano)

Also throughout this film she is seen protecting her brother from anyone’s that is trying to bully him.

She’s personally my favourite in this movie because she is so fun to watch from birth to adulthood and she’s is one hell of a entraining character.

Overall I really liked her.

Ame is the youngest of the two children.

Ame is a really shy and fearful person that during his childhood day’s years he always relays on his parents and as well stick to his parents like some from of super glue. Also during his elementary years he was always the kid that gets bullied and ultimately always got in trouble when is clearly not his fault. In the last parts of the film he just becomes a completely different person where he makes certain decision that affects the family of how they live. I won’t mention it here because that can lead to heavy spoilers.

I personally found him to be great character because the way he changes throughout the film is realistic and heart-warming.

Overall Ame is a great character.

The rest of the characters do a great job of being side characters and they way they interact with each of the main characters is just wonderful.

All on all this character cast is just wonderful.




Am just going to say this right now this is easily the best-looking anime film I have ever seen.

The backgrounds are either very well detailed or just fit the world of Wolf Children really well.

In fact the amount of detail is just stunning to look at both the BLU RAY and surprisingly the DVD versions as well.

The animation is so just so wonderful and appealing to the eye.

Everything from characters to backgrounds are just so well animated that you will feel life while watching the film.

Madhouse really did a great job with animation and art department.





Where do I begin with this OST?

Oh, my god, the OST for Wolf Children is easily the best OST I ever heard from a anime movie period.

All of the tracks were very memorable and they fit very well in the world of wolf’s children.

Now should you watch this film Sub or Dub? Am just going, to be honest, right now I never saw this film subbed and it’s for a very good reason because the dub of this film is easily one of the best if not the best English dubbed film I have ever heard in my life.

All of the dub actors did an amazing job with the roles and they really sound professional here.

Overall this OST is wonderful and the dub is a masterpiece.




I personally enjoyed this film from start to finish because the story was really well told as well as the characters and the character interactions

I really adored the art and animation here because it just so beautiful to look at and the world is so lively.


Final Thoughts.


For the longest time, this movie was in my PTW up to now when some of my friends just told me to watch this film because they say it was a masterpiece and I can defiantly say this right now.

This movie is a masterpiece.

It has a really touching story, beautifully written, wonderful characters, has some of the best art and animation I have ever seen in a anime film, a fantastic OST and it has the best English dub that I ever heard from a anime film period.

 It’s a must watch for anyone who is looking for a parent carer film.

By the time of this review, I will be the buying this film brand new on DVD/Blu-Ray.

Now normally I will give 10/10 to anime that I really adore but a anime like Wolf Children breaks the scale of 1 to 10.

I give Wolf’s Children an 11/10 (My favourite anime film period)


Anime Recommendations.

download (1)

Non Non Biyori.

Usagi Drop.

Aria Series.


For my upcoming review I will be reviewing the queen of 90s anime.



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