My Anime DVD collection.

My Anime DVD collection.

Hey everyone TheCodeTrigger here and for the first time I will be showing you my anime DVD collection Yay!!!

Now if you guys have been wondering I been buying DVDs since last year of July of 2015 and the first DVD that I brought was one of my favourite anime series by Studio Bones Ouran Koukou Host Club for £17.99 at Tokyo Toys at Piccadilly Circus in London.

Ever since then I being buying DVDs HMV, Amazon Online, Cex and Forbidden Planet.

With that out of the of the here the anime that I currently own.





I hope you guys enjoyed my anime DVD collection.

Anyway this was TheCodeTrigger aka Kazemaru anime reviews aka Shawn and I will see you guys next time.

Anime Review 0.6 Boku dake ga Inai Machi: Erased

Anime Review 0.6 Boku dake ga Inai Machi: Erased

Hey, everybody TheCodeTrigger here and welcome too my next anime review.
For this one, we are taking a look at the Winter 16 anime Erased.
Now unlike any other show that was airing in winter 16 hype was high for this one. Does its deserve the hype it gets? Let’s find out.
Erased was directed by Itou, Tomohiko and it consists of 12 episodes airing from Jan 8, 2016, to Mar 25, 2016.

Enter a caption

The story starts off with Satoru Fujinuma who has the ability too go back in time too prevent disasters from occurring and we are basically thrown in 18 years in the Satoru past of where he soon realizes that that murder are connected too the abduction and killing of one of his classmates named Kayo Hinazuki. Now this are now Satoru chance of making things right so that Kayo won’t be murdered and as well as not being framed for the death of his mother in the future.
Now I have too admit. The first four episodes are fantastic and easily Anime of the Season material with great writing and story direction.
However as the story progresses the story starts too feel kinda rushed.
We get more boring characters, the story itself slowly breaks due too bad writing that actually hurts the show for me.
Also, the way they handle the killer was just terrible and rushed as hell.
Also, keep in mind that this are a mystery series but through the whole fucking anime they’re are barely any mystery elements at all. We don’t get any clues or hints about the killer because this anime lacks any mystery whatsoever.
This makes you’re themes and genre feel pretentious.
At the end of the each episode, it ends with a cliff-hanger which are nice but over time unlike Death Note or Code Geass the cliff-hangers of Erased are forced and they don’t add attention value whatsoever.
One thing that I want too point out are where the anime goes anime original in the certain part of the story meaning that certain scenes in Erased that meant too be explained are not explained at all in the anime.
Overall the story starts off promising but becomes lacklustre after episode 5 where it just becomes a mess. Not in a train-wreck level of messy but messy in its own right.


The characters in Erased like with the story starts off promising however like the story the character just become a mess or

Satoru are one hell of the wasted potential characters because he are just bland too be honest.
One thing that I was really disappointed are that where he didn’t change as a character from episode 1 too the end.

Hinazuki are the only character from Erased that I actually enjoyed because she kind girl that gets abuse by her parents because for some unknown reason aka (Shock Factor) but at the same time she suffers like Satoru as she doesn’t have a personality that defines her either (for the most part)
In the end, Hinazuki just became one of those charterers that we feel sorry because you know Shock Factor.
The rest of the characters are just dull and uninteresting too be honest because I really wanted too like this characters but I just couldn’t.
Overall this character cast was a let-down for me.



Erased was done by A1 Pictures the same studio that gave us Shigatsu, Kuroshitsuji , Sword Art Online and Shin Sekai Yori.

The art which I hate too admit are pretty good using a well soft colour pallet that mix perfect in the environment that the anime are trying too set.
The character des the animation are nice with smooth movements with the characters and the environments.
I really liked the cinematic effect that shows the MC memories because it’s looks nice and smooth but I wished they more advantage on that because it would have made the story look more better in my opinion.


The OST itself are alright but compare too other anime from A1 Pictures like Shigatsu, Kuroshitsuji and Shin Sekai Yori it’s just not as memorable tbh.
At this time of the review, the OST hasn’t been released yet so I won’t be mentioning any track on this.
The OP theme itself are catchy and a good listen but for an anime that it based on time travel, it didn’t work out for me.
The ending theme are okay it’s nothing too write home about really.
At the time of this review, they’re are no English Dub announced. If it gets an English Dub in the future am just gonna write it off as an SAO type of dub,




I personally enjoyed Erased what are worth but at the same time, they could have done much better in the story and characters department after episode 4 because they’re so potential for Satoru character but in the end he’s Satoru arguably ruined my enjoyment for the series.
Also, I wished that Erased was 24 episodes because I would have enjoyed the series more and actually adapt the last two episodes instead of presenting us with anime original content.
I personally enjoyed the opening because it was nice and catchy.
I just love the cinematography in this anime because it’s just looks so nice, presentable  and it fits the world that Satoru was living in the past.

Final Thoughts.


Erased had a good concept.
It had an amazing first four episodes with good writing amazing visuals and a solid story.
However after episode four the show just become a mess with the remaining episodes being lackluster two of them being anime original mind you, poor writing come into play in certain scenes and the ending itself was just terrible in my opinion.
The art are good but I wasn’t a fan of the lips but I like the cinematic effect of the show.
The OST was okay but nothing memorable but the OP was great and the sub are good on its own.
It’s sad too see that Erased are now just an above average anime because it has some things that I loved but the some of the cons in this show are just downright bad.
If you’re looking for time-travel done right watch Steins Gate because it’s does the time travel concept probably and the characters feel more alive and they are memorable.

BTW Okabe is GOAT ^_^


I give Erased a 6/10.

Anime recommendations.
Shinsekai Yori
Toki Wo Kakeru Shoujo
NHK ni Youkoso!

Anyway, this has been TheCodeTrigger and I will see you guys next time.

Anime Review 0.5 KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!

Anime Review 0.5 KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!

Hey, everyone TheCodeTrigger and welcome to my next anime review.

For this one we are taking a look at the Winter 16 anime KonoSuba.

KonoSuba was directed by Kanasaki, Takaomi and it consists of 10 episodes airing from Jan 14, 2016 too Mar 17, 2016.

With that out the way, let’s get started.



The story begins where our main lead Kazuma who got killed by a tractor while rescuing a girl in the progress. Then Kazuma wakes up in the afterlife where Aqua gives Kazuma an offer of where he can start a new life in a real RPG and from there Kazuma begins his new life as an adventure in an RPG setting as he gains experience and levels up like in an RPG game so he can defeat the boss at the end.

Now the story of KonoSuba is great because it really sets up the world really nicely with Kazuma is slowly adapting to his new life RPG life as he leaves is own world aka earth as he’s more character on the way like the really overpowered explosive magic user Mequin to the sloppy but tankly darkness.

The only thing that I really liked in the story is the jokes sure some of the jokes can a miss but least for this type of show is unique and it has that strong Slayers vibe when it comes to jokes and its similar pacing.

Also there is some really great sex humour on this like the having the magic power of stealing panties. This show is kinda weird but same it knows how to execute its humour really well without being cringe-worthy.

Overall the story is good for what it is.




The characters in KonoSuba were surprisingly really good and they were executed.

  Kazuma isn’t your overpowered main protagonist, in fact, he starts off very weak in his new world and as the season progressed he becomes a more friendlier guy while still being a dumbass in the process.

Next is Aqua who is the goddess of water. She has the potential to do lots of damage to her opponents however like a another character that am about to mention some of her actions can really bite her in the ass because some of the things that Aqua does leads to more harm than good.

She is more as the circus type character because she rather do a show then actually support the group.

Least Aqua is not of those useless girls because at times she can be funny but at the same time she’s slightly annoying for my taste.

Overall I personalty like Aqua but not as much as the other character that am going to mention and also I can understand why people hate Aqua and it’s for a very good reason.


Mequin is that explosive girl that likes to blow things up with her magic.

Personally, she is my favourite charters in this show because she had the opportunity to learn all sorts of different spells but she usually just goes for the more explosive spells. She’s reminds of Lina Inverse due to her explosive nature.

One more thing that I really adore her is her overpowerness as well as the side effect. You see in most RPG/JRPG games where you use a really powerful spell that do massive damage but same thing if you mess up or do it incorrectly you will either waste some of your mana or become frozen up doing nothing while the enemies attack you for free.

This happens here because at certain point in this show where she a rage doll after she over uses her overpowered magic and trust it can lead to some really hilarious scenes.

Lina and Mequin would make a perfect magic explosive duo in my opinion ^_^


Overall Mequin is really amazing character and easily one of my favourite anime girls in anime.

Lastly we have Darkness who is a knight.

Now out of all the characters she is the weakest of the bunch fighting wise but she can tank like a boss.

However she is my least favourite character of the bunch because no offence but she is just there for fan-service most of the time but hey least she’s not like Hestia from Damnachi where she useless and she just there for fap material for the horny 12 years out there no offence.


The rest of the characters are just fine to support the show.

Overall this character cast is good.



KONOSUBA (2016) []-000.png

KonoSuba was done by Studio Deen. The same studio that gave Shouwa, Fruits Basket and Fate Stay Night (2006).

The art itself is definitely the weakest part of KonoSuba. The scenery looks beautiful by itself but the character designs can get really messy at times especially they faces. Some may say its adds the humor but at times It can be really distracting at times. I liked the custom designs of the main cast because its makes the characters look more appealing in the world that they are in. Also, KonoSuba has some fan-service which is surprisingly tolerable here and it not too distracting unlike some other fantasy/RPG base anime looking at you Sword Art Online…



I found the animation to be really good and defiantly one of the best Deen works in the terms of animation because up to recently Deen is not known for smooth animation, for example, Fate Stay Night 2006. But at times like the art, it can be a bit choppy at times.

Overall the Animation is great for Deen standards.




The OST for Konosuba has that MMORPG feel. Some tracks which at this time of the review I will mention any tracks because the official OST of Konosuba is yet to be release. The OST, in general, is a massive step up from Danmachi because unlike Danmachi Konosuba is more of the party feel because of the tracks that they presented to us is more MMORPG based.

The OP theme called Fantastic Dreamers done by Machico. Surprising its a really great song. My personal favourite anime opening of Winter 16 ^_^

KonoSuba Opening Full Fantastic Dreamers

The Ending Theme is called Chiisana Boukensha which was sang by the main 3 female characters Aqua, Megumin and Raratina Dustiness Ford. I personally loved the ending theme because it so relaxing and it has that RPG feel to it. Chiisana Bokukensha has become one of my favourite anime ending themes period.

Unfortunately at this time of the review, there is no English dub announced. Hopefully, Konosuba will get a dub sometime in the future because I found the comedy in this series to be hilarious and having the English Dub would make this series funnier in my option.




I really enjoyed this anime.

It has that Slayers feel to it because of the whole party system and as well of the humour and comedy.

It’s also knowing how to use fan service property unlike in most fantasy anime you see nowadays *cough Danmachi/SAO*.

I like the OST a lot because it brings life to the world.

I liked the RPG world that the story takes place because it’s such a nice and interesting world.

Too bad it ended early with only 10 episodes but hey there a S2 coming out soon and I hope it will be least 26 episodes Slayers style tbh.


Final Thoughts.


KonoSuba ended up being a wonderful experience. Even with its lacklustre art and a few animation derps. The comedy and the characters were well executed and it made me forget the issues that I had with the art. This is easily my second favourite anime from the winter 16 seasons.

I highly recommend this show to anyone who is looking for a good RPG based anime.

I give KonoSuba a 8/10


Anime Recommendations



Log Horizon.

Rune Solider

Hai too Gensou no Grimgar

Now after my next review which going to be Erased.

 I will be reviewing anime that have the highest votes on that the poll that I did on certain Facebook groups.

Until then has been TheCodeTrigger and I will see you guys next time.



Anime Review 0.4 Gundam Build Fighters S1

Anime Review 0.4 Gundam Build Fighters S1

Hey everyone TheCodeTrigger and welcome to my next anime review.

For this one we are taking a look at Gundam Build Fighters.

Gundam Build Fighters how I underestimate you so hard  When first looking at this anime I was like oh fuck this is going to be an another shameless cash grab just like its peers Bakugan and Beyblade but in the end, Gundam Build Fighters proved me wrong. Out of all the kid friendly shows that I have seen this is one the best one I have encountered so far.

Gundam Build Fighter is an anime that aired in fall of 2013 and was directed by a man named Nagasaki, Kenji and it consists of 25 episodes airing from Oct 7, 2013 to Mar 31, 2014.

Now with that out-of-the-way, let’s get started.



The story for Gundam build fighters is more rather simple. Sei Iori who is a young boy who’s living a dream as the son of the owner of a small Gunpla shop. He’s always fallen short in Gunpla battles in the past while his modelling skills are A class his piloting skills are not that good.

This is until one day a peculiar boy named Reiji who finds his way in Sei life and aiding him with his incredible piloting skills. Together the duo takes on the world of Gunpla battles and they want to become to best like no one ever was.

It’s your classic tournament set-up which were all the battles are revolving of using plastic toys known as Gunpla.

One thing that I liked about this series how they manage to developed each rival before they battle. This brings more personally into them and we know why they are in Gunpla tournament.


Outside tournaments there is a lot of things that are going on behind the scenes like it has its fair share of engaging conspiracies and villainy to its well written slice of life section which where all of the characters interact very well with each other to well crafted romance scenes which I got so much out of because It wasn’t enough of a key focus for relationships not being wrapped up to negatively affect the series. Instead it was a case of making hinted pairings known letting you assume that these people will end up together when the grow up.

I like to point it is the romance that is set in a world where you can officially get laid by presenting Gunpla to the ladies. That right there is hilarious.

We also get a decent of highly amusing silly and immature humour every now and then and they did it in the way that is acceptable to both kids and older viewers also the humour doesn’t get cringe-worthy thank god.


The only things that I can slightly complain is where they didn’t explore Reiji’ origins enough because Reiji was by far the most mysterious character of the bunch.

Besides from that very minor complaint that I have. The story of Gundam Build Fighters is simply wonderful.





Now the charterers in Gundam Build Fighters, in a nutshell, are really good like actually really good and memorable.

For starters, we have Sei Iori a kind and lovable boy who despite his amazing Gunpla building skills he sucks at piloting the Gunpla that cant enter a Gunpla tournament

Personally, I really liked him because he feels fresh and original unlike most generic main protagonist who are usually hot-headed and to be honest I was really tired of seeing Hot headed main protagonist in a kids because 75% of the time they character development are usually too predictable.

Also as the series progress he becomes so mature that at the ending of the series we see him able to pilot his own Gunpla without any help. The main reason why I adore Sei is because he actually made progress very slowly in both mentally and physically because we see him processes as a character that is not predictable but rather smart.

Overall Sei is a really good character and deserves an honourable mention in my top 30 favourite male characters list.


Next, we have the mysterious boy named Reiji who is from a different planet. He’s overbearing, selfish, quick to anger and lacking in manners.

I personally really liked Reiji because he the most entertaining character of this series. Every time he comes in screen he always just a badass from his personality to the things that he does throughout the whole series.

He really gets good character development thought the series because later on he learns the planet earth as well as how the Gunpla game works.

Overall Reiji is a great bro type character.

Then we have Aila Jyrkiäinen a quiet individual who often speaks with a lack of emotions and responding with the bare minimum amount of words.

Surprising she is my second favourite character in this show because she first starts off as a near emotionless character but as the series progresses she becomes a more engaging character mainly because she builds a relationship with Reiji and its a very funny one on that.


The rest of the characters can be hit or miss depending on your tastes.

Personally, I think all of the characters are very well-rounded and unique.

From the other competitors to the side characters all of them were enjoyable and interesting to watch.

Only thing that I personally liked about the side characters actually having a relevance to the story because you see I had some problems with they have a big bunch of characters but they ether do nothing or they just there to show off. Some examples include Black Bullet, Naruto, Tokyo Ghoul and Metal Fight Beyblade.

Thankfully these side characters were fun to watch and they actually did something unlike where they are just there to fill in roster.

Overall the characters in Gundam Build Fighters are brilliant and they are very well written.





Gundam Build Fighters was done by studio sunrise who also done Code GeassPlanetesOutlaw Star and Cowboy Bebop.

I really love the art here. It’s mostly constant and very detailed with a good use of colours to make the backgrounds,

There are a few mild fan-service scenes but its apectable here because after all this is a kids show.

The animation is also great. I feel all the Gunpla battle are well animated and smooth and the characters movements are great to.


Overall the art and animation are just amazing to look at.






This OST itself has got to be one of the best anime OST I ever heard in my life. Now I listened to the entire OST and let me tell you all of the songs are memorable as hell. No joke.

These are some of my favourite tracks from this OST.


  1. Gundam Build Fighters.


  1. Gundam Legend.


  1. Build – Fight.


  1. Foreign Prince.


  1. Gunpla Battle.


  1. The Crimson Comet N+PThree Times The Passion Of Ordinary Flamencon+P. 


  1. Fleeting Love.


  1. Speed – Star. 


  1. Fairy Dance. 


  1. Graceful Existence and Graceful Assault


  1. Sei Dream.


  1. Gunpla World (CV Yuuki Aoi)


The first opening theme Nibun no Ichi by BACK ON. Personally,the first opening theme is good on its own but it gets overshadowed by the second opening (“wimp  ft. Lil’Fang (from FAKY)” by BACK-ON) is wonderful to listen because it brings builds up the anime really well and its makes the show more exciting. Because of this opening two is one of my favourite anime openings period.

The first ending theme is great while the second ending is great but incredibly inferior to the first ending theme which I loved.

At this time of the review, there is no English dub for Gundam Build Fighters which saddens me because I just want to hear a good dub from a kids show because ever since Beyblade Original Series and past Pokemon Gen 4 there hasn’t been any good dubs for a kids show. /stares at Beyblade Metal Fusion and Yugioh Zexal…

To be frank honest with you if Gundam Build Fighters gets a dub I will watch it regardless if it sounds bad or not.


Overall I really adored the OST, the opening and ending themes.

Great work for the OST Masafumi Mima ^_^






I personally enjoyed the season. I love all of the mecha battles from the serious battles to the more silly battles that they have. I love all of the characters because unlike Beyblade/Bakugan they actually have  personalities and surprisingly I found them to be well written in execution.

I found the animation to be outstanding because all of the characters/Gunpla moved so smoothly there was hardly any frame drops during the animation department and most of all it just looked so beautiful to watch. You can tell that Sunrise really put a lot effort into this wonderful anime.

Also, the OST was wonderful to listen because it adds life to the world that they live in and all of the Gunpla battles.





Final Thoughts.



I decided to pick up this show because I wanted to see a good kid friendly show that can appeal to the kids as well as the adults because rarely I feel that most kids type of shows is only sceptic made for one and that is the kids. I was also looking for a show that doesn’t heavy promote its merchandise.

Gundam Build Fighters is a perfect example of a kids shows right because unlike let’s say Bakugan and Beyblade where most of these characters are here just to promote their toys and later on they became useless but with Gundam Build Fighters they manage to make every character feel relevant to the story. Also for kids show its very well written surprisingly. Personally, I think Gundam Build Fighters is one of the few kids shows that can appeal to the mature anime fans. The only other 3 kid shows that can do that is the Digimon Series, Inazuma Eleven and Ginga e Kickoff because they are very good and well written kids show.


Gundam Build Fighters has become one of my favorite anime OST period aswell as being one of my favourite anime period.

I strongly recommend this show for anyone who is looking for a good kids shows or if you’re a big Gundam fan.

I give Gundam Build Fighters a 9.5/10.


At this time of the review Gundam Build Fighters hasn’t been licensed by any UK anime studio. However you can watch the whole series from YouTube for free with no extra cost.

Gundam Build Fighters Full Episodes From Youtube HD.


Anime recommendations

I know some of them are weird choices but I think they are very similar to each other in the terms of content.

Ginga e Kickoff!!

Inazuma Eleven.

Girls und Panzer.

Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blood Orphans.

Personal Anime Recommendation

Gurren Lagann.

download (5)

A couple of quotes.

“Gundam plastic models… Gunpla. Building them or fighting them, it all depends on you. Unlike the Mobile Suit Gundam story, we’re not in a state of war, and we don’t have to put our lives on the line. It’s just played for pleasure. But… No, for that very reason… People can be enthralled by Gunpla and Gunpla Battle. Because it’s a game, they can take it seriously!”

Mr. Ral.


“heh but it’s just a game of toy, why would anybody take it seriously for that reason!”



Stay tuned of my next review where I review Nadia Secret Of Blue Water or Ajin.