Short preview for my next anime reviews.

Short preview for my next anime reviews.

So my next bunch of reviews will be these guys in no order

Gundam Build Fighters

Slayers Next

Nadia The Secret Of Blue Water

Death Note

Ginga e Kickoff 

Inazuma Eleven

Fruits Basket

Kids On The Slope


TBC at a later date.


Ouran Koukou Host Club

Pokemon Jirachi Wish Maker

Beyblade G Revloution 

Rune Soilder 


Slayers The Motion Picture Movie

Boku No Hero Academia

Anime Review 0.3 Outlaw Star.

Anime Review 0.3 Outlaw Star.

Hey, everybody TheCodeTrigger and welcome to my next anime review.

For this, one we are a taking a look at Cowboy Bebop and Trigun other competitor Outlaw Star

Now I wanted to see this anime for a long after my Cowboy Bebop re-watch back of December 2014 and I decided to delay it for a while. In 2016 I decided to buy the re-mastered version from Anime Limited and from there I watched it. The question is was it worth it? Let’s find out first up the story.



The story of Outlaw Star is set in the Toward Stars Era. Our main characters are Gene Starwind and Jim Hawking. Two partners who operate a small space business called Starwind and Hawking enterprises where they a various range of odd jobs like bounty hunting to space delivering. There are contacted by an unknown mysterious woman named Hilda who wants to use them as they bodyguards as she tries to require a very special spaceship. The most advanced spaceship ever created which is later known as the Outlaw Star. When Gene Jim and Hilda required the spaceship they also picked up a naked android girl in the suitcase named Melfina who is somehow mysteriously able to connect to this spaceship computer and serve as the navigating system. The purpose is so they will guide the spaceship to a place called the galactic leyline. the most mysterious and infamous place in the entire universe that supposedly holds the greatest treasure in all existence. So now Gene, Jim, Melfina, Hilda, and as well as other characters like the mysterious twilight assassin Suzuka and the insane warrior Aisha are all banded together in search of the galactic leyline as well as dealing with various thugs and villains from outer space.

I found the story of outlaw star to be really great. I like how the first episode sets up the main plot very nicely because its brings you to the story galactic mainline, the spaceship and Melfina and it builds on from there. Even with its sillier episodes mainly being episode 23. The main plot is still always apparent in your mind and you know that what they searching for. Another thing that I love about Outlaw Star  so much good things that no one is appreciating like it has romance, action, comedy space adventure, amazing fight sequences and some fascinating and truly interesting characters.

Outlaw Star manages to do everything in the way that is fascinating fun, easily to understand and above all else extremely enjoyable

Overall I found the story to be excellent and it’s easily one of my favourite anime stories ever.



The characters in Outlaw Star are all really good and enjoyable in my opinion.

 Gene Starwing is a great funny bad-ass character and aswell a being the brawns of the duo. I personally like him not as much a spike (Cowboy Bebop) but he’s one fun and entertaining character which later on he gets character development which I won’t mention here because that will contain spoilers.

Gene Starwing is a great funny bad-ass character and aswell a being the brawns of the duo. I personally like him not as much a spike (Cowboy Bebop) but he’s one fun and entertaining character which later on he gets character development which I won’t mention here because that will contain spoilers.

Overall Gene is a great character but the next am about to mention stole the show for me in a good way.

Next up is Jim Hawking. Am just going to say this right now he’s my favourite character in this show and I prefer Jim over Gene because I found him to very likeable in my eyes

He is the brains of the Outlaw Star crew who sidesteps one being 11 he’s a computer hacker

Why is he my favourite Outlaw Star character?

Because he’s funny, loveable and surprising his mature for his age and he’s not very bratty at all which I liked to be because, to be honest with you I found most lolis and shota type characters to be annoying but thank god James is not one of those annoying ones.

Plus he’s a better Edward in my opinion because unlike Edward he has more personality and depth into him.

Overall I personally adore Jim and he is my favourite character in this show.

Then we have Hilda who is an Outlaw with an enigmatic past and a sworn enemy of the Kei Pirate Guild and the MacDougall brothers. To be frankly honest with you. She is by far one of the interesting characters because don’t too much about Hilda apart from she has eye-patch, a cybernetic left arm and she’s an enemy of the Kei Pirate Guild and The MacDougall brothers. Unfortunately, something really happens to her early in the series which I won’t mention because it will contain spoilers.

Overall I like Hilda but she left the series too early in my opinion.

Next, we have Melfina who I found, at first, to be okay but as the series progressed she became more likeable which I won’t explain here because it will contain spoilers but I can say this she’s is the second best girl in Outlaw Star.

Then we have Suzuka which, to BE honest with you. Out of the three main girls not counting Hilda I found here to be the least memorable of the three. Why may you ask? besides her amazing sword fighting skills, she’s kinda bland in comparison to the main cast because I feel that Suzuka lacks personality and emotions which is rather sad because I really wanted to like this character.

Overall I still think Suzuka is a good character but compare to Meila and Aisha she falls flat in comparison.

Lastly, we have the best girl in Outlaw Star Aisha who is from the Ctarl-Ctarl Empire.

Do you know what she’s probably the most entertaining characters in Outlaw because she’s a very wild and funny character?

She actually has more personally than most of the characters like Melfina and Gene,

Aisha always makes me laugh every time she comes on screen.

Overall Aisha is a great and easily the best girl of the series.

The rest of the characters can be a hit or miss depending on your tastes.

For me, I personally enjoyed the other characters because we have people like Fred Luo who is a gay comic relief of the series where he lightens the mood of the series perfectly without being borderline childish.

Also, villains like Lord Hazanko, MacDougall brothers, and Kei Pirate Guild are really good in opinion.

Overall Besides from a few issues I had with Suzuka this is a great and lovable character cast.




Outlaw Star was done by Sunrise the same studio that gave up Cowboy Bebop. Gundam Series, Code Geass, Love Live, and Planetes.

The art is good on its own but at times it can be messy with some of the character designs at times don’t look right. This mainly happens in the second half where I think the budget for the show starting to run out. It’s not a bad as Gainax but still present at the time.

The animation in the other well for a late 90s anime is really great. It’s smooth and clean and character movements are very consistent for its time. The animation of fight sequences is really and as well as normal movement outsides fight to space scenes.

Overall I found the art to be good but not the best and the animation to be impressively good,




Now I found the OST to good. Not as good as Cowboy Bebop but still good in its own right.

The opening theme called Through The Night, however, is amazing because it keeps you up to go on an adventure with Gene and the crew.

Personally, this one of my favourite opening themes and personally I like Through The Night more than Tank (Cowboy Bebop)

The first ending theme is very well fitting for the show because it has that feel of when you finish an episode of Outlaw Star. The second ending theme is rather very chilling, to be honest.

Am going, to be honest with you avoid watching the sub because like Cowboy Bebop the sub is lacklustre and it’s boring to listen.

The Dub in the other hand is brilliant with all the dub actor doing the roles perfectly from Weisz, Ezra as Gene Starwind, Siddall, Brianne as Jim Hawking and Zann, Lenore as Aisha Clanclan for example. All of the dub actors did a wonderful performance and to be honest with you this is one of my favourite anime dubs period. For me, this Dub has suppressed the Baccano, Code Geass, and Slayers dubs.

Overall OST is good for this show the opening theme is legendary and the dub is flawless in my opinion




I enjoyed the living hell of this show because before I was a younger I just wrote this off as a Cowboy Bebop reject not knowing that It came out before Cowboy Bebop did. I love the character interactions with Gene, Jim, and the crew, I like how Outlaw Star doesn’t take itself too seriously as it sometimes has science fiction elements that require a lot of brain thinking but the same time like (Slayers) its more of a fun ride.

The best character for me is Jim Hawking because he is so funny and enjoyable to watch aswell as being well written, to be honest. He is a perfect example of a kid anime character done right because he’s not annoying, his smart and very mature, he is a perfect sidekick for Gene and to frankly honest with you he’s one of the best sidekicks I seen in anime so far and as being one of my favourite kid characters in anime. I still love Gene but I found Jim to be more relatable to me because he resides me off my kid self off where I use to be a 100% computer geek myself.


Final Thoughts.


Overall Outlaw Star is an excellent Space Western anime that every anime fan should watch least once.

It has a fun and interesting story, very likeable and relatable characters, for the most part, good art and animation, enjoyable OST but has a kick-ass opening theme and the dub least for me is brilliant.

Now I know some of you will be mad at me but I think Outlaw Star is better than Trigun and am still deciding that I like this more than Cowboy Bebop. Don’t get me wrong Cowboy Bebop is awesome but I slowly liking Outlaw Star more than Cowboy Bebop.

I give Outlaw Star a 10/10.

As for now Outlaw Star currently maintained its position in my top 5 favourite anime list.

My Outlaw Star DVD Anime Limited edition


A Quote from one of my favourite male characters Jim Hawking.


Damn it, I’m supposed to be the brains of this outfit”

 Anime Recommendations.

Cowboy Bebop

Nadia The Secret Of Blue Water

Gurren Lagann

Space Dandy


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(Upcoming Review).

Now my goal is for my next review is to be Inazuma Eleven.


If I get burned out by from writing my Inazuma Eleven review I will just do a Slayers Next, Death Note or Beyblade G-Revolution review to take its place because after all Inazuma Eleven is a long anime to invest in.

Anyway, this has been TheCodeTrigger and I will see you guys next time.