Anime Review 0.2 Metal Fight Beyblade 4D Review/Rant.

Anime Review 0.2 Metal Fight Beyblade 4D Review/Rant.

Am surprised that are no reviews for this season.

Hey everybody TheCodeTrigger here and welcome to my next anime review.

For this one we are taking a look at the squeal of Beyblade Metal Masters/Metal Fight Beyblade Baku Beyblade Metal Fight Beyblade 4D or Beyblade Metal Fury in English.

Now I wanted to re-watch season after watch the last two seasons back in November/December 2015 but decided to re-watch in February 2016.

Was it worth the re-watch? no not at all but lets take a better look.

Warning there will be major spoilers in this review so if some god unknown reason if you want to see this then don’t see this review because it will contain some spoilers. So with that’s said lets kick off this review with the story.



The story this time around it where Gingka and Kyoya are setting they score with each other by beybatting and while the are battling Gingka and Kyoya beys have changed into upgraded version of they beys. Then after the battle where they are back in a city where a new boy called Yuki tells the gang that Gingka and Kyoya that they beys have a piece of the Star Fragment enchanted in their Beys and they discover that there were chosen as legendary bladers then Yuki tell the group that in order to defeat Nemesis the gang have to travel around the world to find the other legendary bladers.

Now the story sets up decently with the gang finding the remaining legendary bladers but around the EP 9+ things started to go downhill. Mainly because the writing for some of these episodes are just terrible like EP 22 for example. Kyoya is facing off Aguma and Aguma taunts him about his pride. Instead of Kyoya ignoring the taunts he goes berserk trying to destroy the whole temple and alone with everyone. This is F class writing here.

Keep in mind that Beyblade 4D is an action sports anime…

Well not exactly because of the nature of this season and besides the destroyer dome ark there is hardly any sports whatsoever. In fact this season is actually an edgy battle shouen because of the basically if you not a legendary blader in this season you and if you go against a legendary blader you going to lose because the plot said so.

Why I say edgy I meant that Kyoya and Ryuga are the most egdyest characters in this show for the wrong reasons. While characters like Yuki and Gingka do the most childish shit and don’t take this setting seriously Kyoya and Ryuga on the other hand gave us some of the cringiest edge I ever seen in anime because those two are just power-hungry.

The world building in 4D is complete garbage because I expected everyone in the world to search for the legendary bladers and take the setting seriously by cancelling tournaments because the world is a danger but no everyone is having a good time just bey battling as usual while the main cast struggle are doing the work intend of every blader in the world gathering information about that certain legendary blader.

The last 2 episodes being episode 38 and 39 has got to be one of the worst episodes I ever seen in my life because not only Nemesis has a gain a freaking power-up out of nowhere when clearly in the beginning of episode 38 where he Nemesis was sealed away into nothingness. Nemesis defeats everyone beyblade apart from Gingka.

Then the battle itself just became a fucking dragon ball z fight with beyblades. Am not fucking kidding when I say this.

At the end Nemesis gets destroyed by Gingka’ pegasus by receiving power by every blader in the world and it ends with Ginga facing off Kyoya in a still frame once they back in town.

One thing that I notice is 4D tried to be like G-revolution and Digimon Tamers because of the dark nature of those seasons. Guess what it failed miserably.

So we have a god awful writing even for a kids show, boring arks, pretentious themes, disguising world building and a lackluster ending…




Oh god the characters…

Do you know what? Am just going to mention characters that like/adore first before I start ranting on the rest.

Masamune for me was the 2nd best character in this season because mainly he matured a lot since MFB Baku sure he has his some silly moments now and then but his one of the few characters that stayed consistent with the tone. To be very honest he should be been a legendary blader because his is mature and has more emotions than most of the legendary bladers combined . I really like his determination here especially with his battle with Chris and a another one with King because in his battles he will never often lose hope when his fighting legendary bladers like King and Chris. Overall I really adore him here and his my second favorite blader in the whole series.

tumblr_ne4a418vi41tahkj6o1_500 (1)

Kenta for me was a interesting character for me because I use to hate him for the wrong season and completely failed to understand his character. Overtime he became more likeable due to him being the most developed character in the MFB saga. Unlike most of the characters he actually matured in 4D and for me he’s actually the best character in 4D to be honest.

Good Job Kenta Yumiya. Your are my 3rd favorite blader in MFB saga.


And finally we have Yu Tendo. Am just going to say this right now he should have been a legendary blader least for me.

This will get really personal here because he was my early male crush and also one of my favorite male anime characters and his still is to this day.

Firstly Yu was the only character that I truly cared for in the entire of the metal fight saga sure later on started to like Masamune, Madoka, Nile, Daishan and even freaking Kenta.

Secondly, he didn’t get enough screen time which really hurt me as a fan of Yu

Thirdly He comes in way too late…

As a fan of Yu this was really insulting.

And finally I found that Yu is one of the few characters that actually had character development thought out the whole series because in metal fusion we see him as a playful blader and often following the lead of others without a thought for consequence but as the series progressed he matured a lot especially in 4D because he accepts when he cant battle and he brought Kyoya to his senses in EP 28.
To be honest with you if Yu in other anime like World Trigger, Ouran Koukou Host Club, Inazuma Eleven, Baka to Test or even Assassination Classroom then he would have been a awesome character but since Yu is in Metal Fight Beyblade they treat Yu like dirt as the series progressed.

Don’t get me wrong I think Yu is a awesome character but the writers didn’t know what to do with him.

Now the rest of the characters. Oh my fucking god I never seen a character cast break so easily

Gingka in this season is a unlikable and poorly written mess of a character sure he was like that in fusion and masters but here he just cringe-worthy. Gingka is the easily most childish character in this season sure Gingka has he’s childish moments but in here and for a setting that is meant to be dark his often behaving like a little brat. He’s easily one of my least favourite MC in anime so far.

Next up is Kyoya now with Kyoya he started off promising because I liked where this setting seriously and I thought he will be a amazing character but around the half way point in episode 22 he just go edgy while facing Aguma then after that he just becomes an edgy brat. This hurts him as a character because not only we lose Kyoya character development from the last two season he just became almost as whiny as Yuuichirou from (Owari No Seraph).

Overall I found Kyoya to be a complete train-wreck of a character.

Then we have Madoka.

To be honest with you she stayed the same thought out the whole series but at same time I kinda like her because unlike Ginga and Kyoya she’s one of the few characters that take this setting seriously.


Tsubasa in the other hand is a just a real jerk in this season because he makes his own mission, a selfish one at that, brings up having a new bey for more power, which would mean completely abandoning his partner.

I grew to hate Tsubasa because not only his disrespectful behavior to kids aka Kenta and Yu he just became power-hungry for the most retarded reasons. Not gonna a lie Tusbasa is one of my least favourite character in the whole series and I found him to be overrated.

Ryuga is the same as ever being a same old badass as ever but this early on the season his is travelling with Kenta so Kenta can persuade Ryuga to help Ginga and the others to take part in the battle of god of destruction.

Now I know Ryuga is a fan favorite to the Metal Fight Beyblade saga but the question is was he a good character.

Besides in Metal Masters where he was more friendly to Gingka and the gang as well as helping Tsubasa control his dark power issues. I found him to be a poorly written character at best and at worst he’s one of the worst anti-heros I ever seen in a long while.

Why for starters he barely had any emotions whatsoever and he tries to be this edgy and dark for no reason if he had a back-story maybe I would understand but he didn’t any back-story though out the whole series making his reason and action feel like a giant plot hole.

Secondly remember in Metal Masters where he was more friendly to Ginga and the others. Well this time is more edgy time around which saddens me because I thought he learned that power isn’t everything.

Overall Rygua is the most disappointing character in this season because he’s development in Metal Masters is completely axed and he became edgy character number 2

Last we have Yuki …

Yuki has got to be one of the most pointless characters I ever fucking seen in the anime medium.

When I saw this geek I thought he would be a decent character to the group joining the struggle of Ginga and the others with the god of destruction. When he became a legendary blader I thought he would be strong because he has the star fragment. I was wrong because all Yuki does in this whole fucking season is wine like a little bitch and relays heavily on Ginga even when he’s a legendary blader himself. He also fails at being legendary blader because he never won a battle by himself and has to rely too much on Ginga.

Also Yuki was just a plot device through out the whole season because if Yuki didn’t show up they will be not plot whatsoever.

Overall I really despise this kid and he’s became my most hated character period




The art itself is slightly improved with nice use of color palettes and decent character designs with some of the new characters. But like metal masters there are a few times were the some of the characters faces go all derpy.

The scenery this time are just bland and boring to look at. It’s like they didn’t care at all with the scenery . The animation has improved slighty when they are bey battles outside that the animation itself stayed the same and to be honest with you it just average.



maxresdefault (3)

The sound, this time around is a big downgrade compared to the Fusion and Masters.

The only notable tracks, this time, around is Ryuga theme and the A light of hope.

The opening theme Brave Heart by YU.KIi s a big improvement from the last two openings It’s a very good listen but it’s not in my top 50 favourite anime opening buts it’s very close,

The ending theme Destiny by YK feat. YU.KI is good but not as memorable as the first season-ending which was one of my favourite ending themes periods because It was a relaxing and peaceful. While 4D ending theme feels like a parody of Code Geass R2 ending 1 Shiawase Neiro which I don’t mind but for a show like Beyblade its a bit out-of-place least of me.

Let’s talk about the dub shall we.

This season feels like a terrible DBZ dub because all of the legendary bladers sound like dragon ball Z characters and the ones that not legendary bladers sound like slice of life characters in a dark setting.To be honest this dub is a step down from Baku/metal masters sure the MFB didn’t have a great dub overall. In fact this dub is my guilty pleasure at best because I really liked Masamune, Yu and later on Kenta dub actors.

Am not going to explain how bad some of the dub voices of Gingka, Aguma, Titfi and Yuki because if I did I would end up having a disease.




I barely enjoyed this season at all. The new characters besides King are disappointing because they lack any development or growth and they just feel like rejects of other characters.

Yuki for me was a useless pile of shit because he has a legendary blader but has a skill level of Kenta from season 1 because he is a whiny cunt, He design is generic as hell, His dub voice is horrifying to listen.

I found the OST to be lacking in some area mainly because of how loud some of the dub actors are looking at you Gingka.

Masamune, Kenta and Yu were fun to watch and just seeing them alone made me happy and they actually matured unlike half of this character cast which they are either too childish or too edgy ^_^


Final Thoughts.


Never before have I hated an anime so much that I want to burn it to ashes.

It’s rushed as hell, badly written, besides from Masamune, Kenta and Yu the characters at best were weak, has too many tone changes that, unnecessary edge to some charterers, decent art,animation OST is lackluster and the ending was complete and utter horse shit.

To me not only its the most pretentious anime I ever seen by my most hated anime ever.

I low this anime more than Owari No Seraph, Mirai Nikki, Guilty Crown and anything Bakugan related combined.

Metal Fight Beyblade 4D at best is a train-wreck and at worst it can ruin what Beyblade was for some.

It takes away the fun of Beyblade and actually it takes away the character interactions.

As a Beyblade fan I found this season to be insult.

4D is not a fun, adventure and sports anime. 4D is a fucking edgy battle shounen with the use of beyblades instead of sword/guns.

I give this shit a 1/10 the only reason why this gets a one because I can’t go any lower.

I suggest you skip this season and wait for Beyblade Burst instead.

Anyway this was TheCodeTrigger and I will see you guys next time. show less

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Anime Review 0.1 Kare Kano

Anime Review 0.1 Kare Kano

Hey, everybody TheCodeTrigger here and welcome to my next anime review.

For this one, we are taking a one of my favourite romance animes Kare Kano.

Kare Kano was directed by Hideaki Anno as well as Kazuya Tsurumaki containing 26 episodes airing from October 2 1998 to Mar 26, 1999.

With that out the way let get started with the story.


The story starts off with Yukino Miyazawa a first-year high school student who gets good grades in school and is envied by all her classmates while at home she is a spoiled,sloppy and is constantly studying to keep up her fame. However Yukino reputation is at riskwhen a new student Arima Soichiro, tops the exam ranks and everyone starts paying attention to him casing Yukino to get to extremely jealous of Arima, which leads to her obsessively studying more to try surpass Arima at the next exam. One day, when Arima comes to visit Yukino at her house, she accidentally reveals her true self to Arima. Knowing this information, Arima uses it to his advantage and blackmails Yukino into helping him do his large amounts of school work. From there, the two’s bizarre relationship begins to develop into friendship, and eventually love.

One thing I really liked about the story is the set-up because unlike Clannad where it was being was nothing but drama Kare Kano cuts the drama bullshit at the start which I liked because to be honest besides Toradora where the drama step-up perfectly in my opinion most other romance anime that I seen usually has unnecessary drama at the beginning which I found to be really annoying. One thing that I really surprised me is Yukino and Arima become a couple at episode 4 only one other anime I seen so far that does this and that anime is Clannad.

Things were going very but around the half way point the story just falls apart. It didn’t affect my enjoyment of the show but I can see why people wont like the second half. Mainly because they went into a certain ark that was left incomplete with a read the manga ending.
The only thing I don’t like story is the recap episodes because I found those episodes to be filler and unnecessary because this could have been a 24 episode anime series if you remove the recap episodes. It happened with Gurren Lagann episode 16 and half of Episode 14 with Neon Genesis Evangelion but with Kare Kano it happens 3 episodes with one of them being a full episode.

Overall I loved for what it is and its easily one the best romance anime story wise.



The characters are all great in my opinion because out of all the romance anime that I seen this is most realistic character cast for a romance anime because instead of getting forced romance/drama we a get a well written character cast cast and a really strong romance.

Yukino Miyazawa starts off as a role model student who wants to be praised by the students around her by getting high grades, looking presentable when and acting kind towards the other students but in reality she’s kind a snob when goes back home where she’s wearing glasses and her hair is messy. Later on when Arima finds Yukino true self she’s changes for the better as she’s no longer a queen of vanity but a loving caring student who falls in love with Arima.

Yukino is easily my favourite character from a romance anime because unlike Taiga (Toradora), Haruhi (Ouran Koukou Host Club) and Nagisa (Clannad) her emotions are more realistic and she actually becomes a better person in life as the series progresses.

Arima isn’t your typical and generic male romance lead but he rather has a tragic back-story where Arima was abandoned by his parents at a young age and later was raised by his uncle and aunt. Fearing he may turn bad like his parents, Arima is always trying to hide behind a mask with is constantly fighting his own demons of abandonment. Like with Yukino he falls in love with her at episode 4.

I really liked how Arima is back-story was told because unlike some other main leads in romance anime it’s actually gets revolved in full resolution instead of forgetting it with no explanation whatsoever.

The rest of the characters are hit or miss depending on your tastes.

I personally loved all of the supporting cast because they are enjoyable to watch and just like the main characters they feel realistic to the story.

Overall this is one of my favourite anime character casts.




Kare Kano was done by Gainax the same studio that gave us the legendary Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gurren Lagann as well as Nadia The Secret Of Blue Water, Medaka Box and FLCL. It was also done by J.C staff who also gave us Toradora, Slayers, Raildex and Revolutionary Girl Utena.

The art of Kare Kano looks good for the most part. The character designs looked good and the backgrounds looks nice for a low budget show like this but in the same time it can messy not as messy as Nadia but it can be really cheaply made at times. Like for example at times they will just use panels of the Manga with the characters talking in the background while it didn’t bother me it can be annoying to some and I can fully understand.

EP 19 and EP 26 in the other hand is where Gainax ran out of budget and starting using things like paper cut-outs in EP 19 while in EP 26 it just a Manga slide show with voice acting. This can ruin the experience of some people but for me I didn’t bother me too much because I can stomach 2 episodes of that instead of the beach and African arks in Nadia of the Secret of Blue Water.

Overall the art can be a bit messy at time but when it’s good it’s good.


The animation is simple and basic for the most part with very good use of shoujo style animation. When its good its good but at same time like with the art it can be bad at times especially in EP 19 and EP 26 where all the budget just runs out.

I have to give Gainax probes because the animation for EP 19 is surprising well done despite the fact that episode has no budget whatsoever. Good job Gainax for still animating things with almost no budget in that episode ^_^.

Overall the animation is above average.

The art/animation is defiantly the weakest part of Kare Kano.




The opening theme Tenshi no Yubikiri” by Fukuda Mai is a good catchy theme which I personally liked and it’s a very good listen.

The ending theme “Yume no Naka e “by Enomoto Atsuko and Suzuki Chihiro is great ending theme which I really liked because it feels so calm and it fits so well in this anime. Yume no Naka e is one of my favourite anime ending themes.

The OST itself is really good in my opition because its fits the anime so well as the world they in is realistic and doesn’t have any dub-step or rock on it. This is personally one of my favourite anime OST in a romance anime.

Now should you go in Kare Kano Sub or Dub?

The Sub is good for the most part but at times, it can be weak because I feel that Yukino Japanese VA is not as passionate as the dub while the Japanese VA for Arima is really good because the Japanese VA does a perfect job at voicing Arima in my opinion.

Now for the dub. Do you know what besides from Arima dub actor I found the dub to be almost flawless in my option because all of the characters in the dub sound more emotional and passionate? The best dub performance has to go to Veronica Taylor as Yukino because Veronica does the role of Yukino perfectly. This is not the case with Arima dub actor VA because to be honest with up to my re-watch of the series in the making of this review Arima dub actor was one of the worst dub actors that I ever heard in my life. Seriously compare to the other characters in this show he has no emotions whatsoever in the dub. That all changed however and now consider dub actor of Arima to be a guilty pleasure of mine because sure his mostly quiet but when the dub actor of Arima gets good its good.

Overall besides the dub actor of Arima, I prefer the dub for this one.



I have to say this right now I really enjoyed the series from its more realistic couple to its experimental animation choices and the story is very memorable.

The character cast is amazingly well written in my option because they add the realism to the romance and the character interactions. Also I have to thank Kare Kano because its one of the few romance anime that cuts the bullshit like forced drama to having a dull male lead.


Final Thoughts.

Kare Kano is one of those anime that I can consider to be a classic.

It has a great story, well written characters, decent art and animation.The OST was great and catchy, the dub and sub are almost flawless and overall it a great hidden gem of a romance anime and currently Kare Kano is my second favourite romance anime to date only losing to one other romance anime that I won’t mention in this review. Kare Kano is a must watch who want a more realistic approach to the romance genre.

Kare Kano has currently maintained its position in my top 10 favourite anime list.

+ Romance is really strong..

+ The OST is good and catchy.

+ The Opening and Ending themes are great.

+ The story was well executed from the start.

+ All of the characters were amazingly well written.

+ Has a very good DUB

+/ – The art and animation can be bit messy at times mainly EP 19 and EP 26 but at same time it can be quite good at times.

– It has 3 recap episodes with one of them being an entire episode containing nothing but recaps

– A certain arc was left incomplete.

I give Kare Kano a 10/10 despite its flaws.

Kare Kano has been licensed by Nozomi Entertainment (US) and Madman Entertainment (AUS). and its available on DVD both subbed and dubbed

At the time of this review Kare Kano is currently not licensed in the UK which saddens me to be honest.

I hope MVM Entertainment or Anime Limited will license Kare Kano in the near future because I think this anime needs more attention especially in the UK.

Anime Recommendations.


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A quote from one of my favourite female anime characters

“I’m a big fake. The elegant me is just for show. My good personality is a huge lie. In reality, I only love to be revered above all by others. To be admired, to get special treatment, to be pampered, to be first place… I’m the ultimate queen of vanity!” Yukino Miyazawa.

This was TheCodeTrigger and I will see you guys next time ^_^

Month Of Ecchi Introduction

Hey, everyone TheCodeTrigger here and welcome to my first anime project introduction.

For my first anime projects, I will be reviewing ecchi anime of my choosing.

Now before that this has to be said. I use to love the ecchi genre because I can see the girls tits and asses on the screen. Keep in mind I young back then. As a grew older after watching other anime genres like Mecha, Seinen, Romance, and action to name a few I found that the ecchi genre to be lackluster because most ecchi anime feel the same like having one-dimensional characters to its cliche stories. At the same time, they are a few decent to good ecchi shows out which surprised me to be honest.

With that out of the way, these are the anime that I will be reviewing for Ecchi month 0.1

Release Date to be confirmed at a later date



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